Any interest in WSBK?

David Spaulding spauldingd at
Sun Apr 28 08:31:40 PDT 2013

Well, it looks like SPEED is not going to be carrying WSBK races this year.  If you are a fan, there is some new software out that makes it dead easy to share anything with anyone.  I can serve it up and all you need to do is install this program and subscribe to my feed and the races will be delivered right to a folder on your computer.

The program is BTSync and I can point you to an install and give you the pass code you will need to sync with my folder of races. As I understand it, the connections are secured and encrypted and your ISP won't be able to identify the traffic.

Luckily, I scored an invite to a site that has all the races, practices, qualifying, etc.  I plan on pulling down the WSBK & WSS races and any AMA and MotoGP stuff not covered on SPEED.  The downloaded races are MUCH better than the SPEED coverage but I won't always download stuff I can watch on SPEED.  I watched the first round online, but I have rounds 2 and 3.  Just drop me a message and I will send instructions if interested.

Dave in Des Moines

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