Clutch replacement

Steve Clark clarks at
Sun Apr 28 13:29:02 PDT 2013

To be brief - in my Honda 600RR road race bike I have replaced 3 clutchs - 
the origanal after the first race season (bike was 4 years old then).  The 
second after 2 rounds useing full synthetic oil and the 3rd in two more 
rounds on full synthetic oil.  With the thrid replacement I changed to Semi 
synthetic oil (belray 10/40).  That was at the first of May 2011.  The bike 
is ready for this season - still on the same EBC kevlar clutch with racing 
springs.  New clutch in parts box just in case.

There is my experience with full synthetic oil and clutchs.  Another team 
was having trouble with Amsoil full synthetic oil and their clutch.  They 
switched to regular motorcycle oil with a new clutch and had no problems 
afterwards.  It is like the full synthetic oil is just to slippery and the 
clutch starts to slip as there is not enough friction.  When I measured my 
slipping clutches they measured almost new for thickness so wear was not the 
issue the oil was.


> From: "blackbear at" <blackbear at>
> Subject: Re: Clutch replacement
> Ok...I think I need a little help here.
> I'm checking around online, and all I'm seeing are EBC clutches.? These 
> sound pretty good, except for one thing...
> All of them are saying "Not for use with full synthetic oil".
> I run the Rotella synthetic.? So I should assume these will not work for 
> me?
> Also, checking in the manual, they don't list a thickness for the steel 
> plates, only to check for warpage.
> After pulling the clutch apart, the plats do not appear to be warped (the 
> rider is...but that doesn't count!).
> so does anyone have a link to a good set of friction plates for the GPZ?? 
> or will the EBC SRC Kevlar set work using Rotella?
> I'm so unhappy right now.?? one of the first beautiful weekends in NY, 
> leading up to a week that looks to be GREAT for riding, and Talyn is down 
> for the count.? Gotta get him road worthy again.? every day I ride instead 
> of running the Jeep I save over $10 in fuel.
> Thanks,
> Michael in Holley

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