How you know its not a day to be riding motorcycles using power tools or fondling sharp objects.

masonjs at masonjs at
Sun Aug 11 10:17:06 PDT 2013

> When you get up in the morning , go to the bathroom, flush the toilet, 
> wash your hands, grab the spray deodorant and push the button--- then 
> you have this stunned, WTF look on your face, your mind goes blank 
> until you realize you have just deodorized the bathroom with shaving 
> foam and the wall and mirror looks like the last scene from a porno 
> flik.
> This is right up there with brushing your teeth with Brillcream (A 
> hell of a long time ago) or shaving soap in a tube.  Its surprizing 
> how long you can have that crap in your mouth until the taste 
> registers and your brain tells you to spit it out.
> Jim survives another day.

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