World Superbike & MotoGP Racing for 2013

schnowz schnowz at
Thu Feb 21 17:06:04 PST 2013

I haven't tried this personally but it came across on another list:
Pete S
"Not sure about WSB, MotoGP, at least last year, was on BBC. 
You are meant to only be able to access them if you are in the UK, and pay your TV licence fee. 
You can see all BBC videos if you do the following:
1. Download and install Expat Shield from
This is for Windows only. It is a free VPN program that will make your PC appear to be in the UK. 
You can toggle this on or off. It is very simple. If you have it on, you will see that will redirect to the UK version, and you will see the weather and news for UK. 
2. Go to
Self explanatory once you are there. Find what you want, watch it. 
Most shows can be viewed live, and then stay up on the site for a week. 
3. Cancel your cable contract. 
4. Spend the money on gas, ride more. 

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