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Sun Jun 16 17:54:21 PDT 2013

"Mike there were a lot of improvements to the FJR in 06.  I would really 
wait and find one from 06 up.  That's what I did.  I'm very happy with mine, 
but there are a other of the gs to consider.>>

That should have read "There are a few other things to consider." Meaning 
how tall you are and seat height and tank width. I'm on my tip toes on the 
FJR, The GPZ I can flat foot. I did a TON of modifications to mine to make 
it right to fit. Peg lowering kit, bar risers, Manic Salamander Bar ends, 
sargents seat, and National Cycles V stream windscreen to begin with. The 06 
and up FJR's are redesigned for better heat management, a new trick 
electronic display that shows Instant mileage, air temp, two trip odo's, and 
the big one, linked ABS. Horsepower-wise it’s a monster, 125 to the ground 
and 99 Ft. Lbs's of torque. The first time I yanked the throttle back, I 
literally had to hang on tight. It has excellent handing at speed. Slow 
stuff it's a little iffy because of the tallness of the bike and the jerky 
throttle, especially in tight right handers. The fairing completely protects 
you from rain. Two weeks ago I rode in a heavy rain and hail storm up to 
Americade for a short while, and my riding pants stayed dry. I had my 
waterproof jacket on so I was good on top as well. All in all it's a 
dynamite bike. But I would wait until an '06+ became available myself. That 
was my first criteria when I was looking.

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff. 

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