Never thought this day would come

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Sun Jun 16 15:47:28 PDT 2013

Your gas cap is not venting properly.
 I had this problem the odd time while using my magnetic tank bag.  It 
would seal off the gas cap and the bike would stall.  Once I figured 
out the problem I could just lift the left side of the bag and shift 
it on the tank.


On Sunday 16/06/2013 at 5:29 pm, junkyardhotrod at wrote:
>        Really considering trading in the Geeper on an 05 FJR. Have to 
> do some research, don't know anything about them.
>        Been fighting a tank vent issue for a while now, tried a pingle 
> pet cock blew out the vents and it still randomly runs out of fuel, 
> pull over, open the gas cap and it starts right back up, may run the 
> rest of the day, or may run 10 miles, you never know.
>        Took a trip to Glenwood Springs this weekend, had to do the 
> pullover and reset thing 3 times in about 650 miles, and I noticed it 
> just didn't feel as good as it used to, the steering head is loose 
> again and it used a little oil, but still ran great (when there was 
> fuel in the bowls) and kept up with the guys on the beemers and FJRs 
> who were running way faster than you should.
>        I have a lot of good memories on this old bike in the last 
> 40,000 or so miles, but that fuel injection and saddlebags are very 
> tempting, at least I have until tues to think about it.
>        Mike in CO
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