Never thought this day would come

junkyardhotrod at junkyardhotrod at
Sun Jun 16 22:49:44 PDT 2013

    Thanks for the responses, I have tried just about everything, 2 different gas caps, it does it with or without my tank bag and totally random, sometimes months in between , some times only minutes.
    Right now I am really leaning towards the Yamaha, although I might take a look around for an 06 or newer, but this 05 is priced pretty good, under 10k miles and pretty well spruced up with new Michelins, bar risers, grip heaters, givi mount and a few other things. 
    Besides the fuel frustration the gpz is due for quite a few maintenance items, tires, chain, throttle cables and a few other things, and being a mechanic its hard to put that much into a bike that old. I have considered keeping the Geeper around to play with at the drag strip and as a back up, it would last quite a while not getting used every week, but like a lot of people I am short on storage room. The old gpz still looks good though so that may be enough to keep it around. I guess I will wait and see what they offer me on tues and go from there.

      Mike in CO

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