Never thought this day would come

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    It has a pingle pet cock, no more vacuum, it actually ran fine for 3 days after replacing the petcock, thought I had it fixed until it did it again going to Glenwood last weekend.

      Mike in CO

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Have you tried running it just on prime?
That'll tell you if its a petcock or vacum issue to the petcock. Sometimes the 
vacum tube can get kinked and collapse. If you've tried different Gas caps 
already, then I doubt its that.
I'm guessing you have a clear fuel filter to tell you its fuel starvation and 
not electrical.
I had a slightly different problem . It was alright at low revs but as soon as I 
opened it up it would die - it turned out to be the rubber plug from the battery 
terminal got sucked into the air intake.
Pete S
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