I gonna miss it, but I traded in the Geeper

junkyardhotrod at aol.com junkyardhotrod at aol.com
Wed Jun 19 21:34:36 PDT 2013

          I was bummed to let her go, but I took a longer test ride on the fjr and just decided it was time.  
          I rode it to work today and a little extra loop on the way home,  the heat issue everyone complains about isn't that bad, it does not warm up my legs any worse than the gpz did, 
          I have a ton of spare parts for the gpz, I will get a list together and post it up, some of it will be free or cost of shipping the rest will be cheap.
    Charles get first dibs on the alternator he gave me a few years back, if he does want it I will pay it forward to somebody else.

       Mike in CO

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