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Thu May 2 16:46:07 PDT 2013

Amsoil makes great oil no doubt, but by it's very nature as a MLM product 
its consumer price is comprised of somewhere between 45-55% sales margin 
which is distributed along the upline in its bits and pieces as outlined in 
the sales and marketing plan that every distributor is privy to.  I'm not 
knocking the product or MLM, I'm just saying thems is the facts, based on my 
past direct involvement with at least 3 MLM companies, all of which are 
generally designed after the 65 year old, very successful model out of Ada, 
MI., aka Amway.

Some people are OK with that, and some are not.
Some people like devils food cake, some like angels food cake.

Bill Denton
Yardley, PA
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 far more economic cost than any Amsoil product.

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