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Sun Nov 10 16:25:30 PST 2013


Ped is it a lower octane?
I got a consistant 50mpg in Colorado where I was using 85 octane.
Lower Octane has more Btu/ gal.
How did ya like Romania? Did you do the Tranfagerren? sp?
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To: Pete S <It's a German site but English language can be chosen. I've used it 
since 2008 but I didn't get around yet to punch in the numbers from my 
paper log book back to 1997. It looks like my average so far is a bit 
better than yours, 43.4 MPG since 2008. Peak was this summer in Romania, 
up to 61.7 MPG! I had a similar experience in Poland and the Baltic 
countries some years ago, where both I and my companions got exceptional 
mileage and we felt our engines run more smooth than usual. Maybe 
eastern European gas is of better quality than in the west, maybe it's 
just plain gas and not so much additives ;)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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