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Thu Oct 17 12:58:35 PDT 2013


Ped has said most of what has to be said.

There is a difference between the front brake rotors! Mark it if you 
have to replace these (+they probably will be more expensive).

The ABS is tested whenever you start your engine. If the voltage of the 
battery is low (old battery) the ABS will not function (yellow light 
will stay on).
Trick: drive for a couple of miles till the voltage is up again, then - 
while driving - de-clutch, switch of the engine with the key, roll for a 
coupler of seconds, turn the key back on and get into gear (engage 
clutch). Not using the starter to get the engine going will keep the 
voltage up. Done so many times till I really had to replace that weak 
I don't drive bikes without ABS, I think that's ... not intelligent. You 
have to be a pro racer to be better at braking than somebody with an ABS.
And yes, I have been saved by it, several times!

Buy it and enjoy!
George, Thun Switzerland
ABS Geeper - black (of course..)
Honda CB 1300 ABS

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