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Thu Oct 17 13:09:08 PDT 2013

I'm hoping the insurance company gives me a decent buck for it with all my
add-ons and mods. I plan on buying it back just for the parts or maybe a

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 2:58 PM, Barblan <barblan at> wrote:

> Tim
> Ped has said most of what has to be said.
> There is a difference between the front brake rotors! Mark it if you
> have to replace these (+they probably will be more expensive).
> The ABS is tested whenever you start your engine. If the voltage of the
> battery is low (old battery) the ABS will not function (yellow light
> will stay on).
> Trick: drive for a couple of miles till the voltage is up again, then -
> while driving - de-clutch, switch of the engine with the key, roll for a
> coupler of seconds, turn the key back on and get into gear (engage
> clutch). Not using the starter to get the engine going will keep the
> voltage up. Done so many times till I really had to replace that weak
> battery.
> I don't drive bikes without ABS, I think that's ... not intelligent. You
> have to be a pro racer to be better at braking than somebody with an ABS.
> And yes, I have been saved by it, several times!
> Buy it and enjoy!
> George, Thun Switzerland
> ABS Geeper - black (of course..)
> Honda CB 1300 ABS
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