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Just seen your mail Kev, was caught in my spam. 

I'd look for some stanchions in ebay best bet is probably ebay germany, sure
I've seen them for £100 or so, which is what it would cost to have philpotts
or the like straighten , rechrome and grind. I don’t think may of the more
modern forks that are a straight fit without swapping steering stems and
there maybe other clearance issues. I have been looking for a set of zx12r
or zzr1200 forks but have been for a while and I cant remember what is
required to make them fit. The 1st option is the cheapest, unless you have
access to shop equipment. Another thing is the USD type forks are shorter
than our RWU forks and will drop the front down  at least an inch, no bad
thing on these, will quicken the steering up.


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I'm a bit of a quiet lurker, in the UK.

My '95 GPz had a slight run in with the rear lights of small van a few 
years back (clutch lever bent and fairing smashed but I stayed upright.)

Since then the fork seals have never quite sealed and one of the three 
mechanics that have done them suggested the fork may look a tiny bit 
bent. No-one else has noticed though.

A few years back there was a thread on possible for replacement forks 
from other bikes.

Should I :-

- Keep replacing seals and hope for the best
- Find somewhere that reconditions forks (rolling and polishing ?)
- Replace with a set from a different bike (does that mean new brake 
calipers as well ?)

There are precious few of these bikes about in the UK, so I'm not likely 
to find a replacement set from a GPz I don't think.

Any idea of costs for these kind of things ? I've nice luggage racks 
welded on and a set of stainless pipes so I don't really want to scrap it.

Thoughts ?

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