Kevin Hollis kh at
Fri Oct 18 03:06:17 PDT 2013


I'm a bit of a quiet lurker, in the UK.

My '95 GPz had a slight run in with the rear lights of small van a few 
years back (clutch lever bent and fairing smashed but I stayed upright.)

Since then the fork seals have never quite sealed and one of the three 
mechanics that have done them suggested the fork may look a tiny bit 
bent. No-one else has noticed though.

A few years back there was a thread on possible for replacement forks 
from other bikes.

Should I :-

- Keep replacing seals and hope for the best
- Find somewhere that reconditions forks (rolling and polishing ?)
- Replace with a set from a different bike (does that mean new brake 
calipers as well ?)

There are precious few of these bikes about in the UK, so I'm not likely 
to find a replacement set from a GPz I don't think.

Any idea of costs for these kind of things ? I've nice luggage racks 
welded on and a set of stainless pipes so I don't really want to scrap it.

Thoughts ?


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