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Several years ago I went to the dealer and asked for a petcock 'rebuild 
kit' but was told that there was no such thing as a 'kit'. I could order 
the parts separately though. According to 
the petcock o-rings parts numbers should be:

43058-1083 RING,TAP LEVER

A total of USD 10.57. The last two are inside the petcock, the first one 
is the oval ring between the petcock and the tank. From what I recall I 
had to apply silicone liquid gasket to prevent it from leaking, so it 
might not be necessary to replace this particular ring if it must be 
supplemented by silicone anyway.

It appears that part number 92055-1649 was changed somewhere along the 
line from an older number: 92055-1539. I don't know about car and 
motorcycle parts, but for parts belonging to aircraft engines running on 
car gas, many items have had to be changed due to the harmful effect 
from ethanol. Maybe it's the same here.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 02-03-2014 23:24, Tom Wheeler skrev:
> I have tried to order a rebuild kit for the stock petcock on the tank, and I have gotten the same one twice, and they aren't what is on there.  They tried to tell me I had the wrong petcock on the bike.
> I find that hard to believe since it looks like ever other stock one I have seen.
> Does anyone have a part number I can use to get one?  That was pretty much all that stopped me from riding last summer, and even with a couple feet of snow outside I would like to know I can get it going when it all melts.
> Thanks for the help!
> Tom 		 	   		
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