Item number for petcock rebuild

Steven Bixby steven at
Sun Mar 2 22:29:22 PST 2014

Sideways topic/comment....

Gasoline and silicone aren't compatible; the silicone will turn to a 
gummy mess within a few days, and who knows where that gum ends up going 
- ie, one's carbs... :-/

I'm sure there are better sealants for gasoline, but I suggest not using 

On 3/2/2014 10:08 PM, GPZ1100ABS wrote:
> Several years ago I went to the dealer and asked for a petcock 'rebuild
> kit' but was told that there was no such thing as a 'kit'. I could order
> the parts separately though. According to
> the petcock o-rings parts numbers should be:
> 92055-1649
> 43058-1083 RING,TAP LEVER
> A total of USD 10.57. The last two are inside the petcock, the first one
> is the oval ring between the petcock and the tank. From what I recall I
> had to apply silicone liquid gasket to prevent it from leaking, so it
> might not be necessary to replace this particular ring if it must be
> supplemented by silicone anyway.
> It appears that part number 92055-1649 was changed somewhere along the
> line from an older number: 92055-1539. I don't know about car and
> motorcycle parts, but for parts belonging to aircraft engines running on
> car gas, many items have had to be changed due to the harmful effect
> from ethanol. Maybe it's the same here.
> Ped
> '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
> Denmark
> Den 02-03-2014 23:24, Tom Wheeler skrev:
>> I have tried to order a rebuild kit for the stock petcock on the tank, and I have gotten the same one twice, and they aren't what is on there.  They tried to tell me I had the wrong petcock on the bike.
>> I find that hard to believe since it looks like ever other stock one I have seen.
>> Does anyone have a part number I can use to get one?  That was pretty much all that stopped me from riding last summer, and even with a couple feet of snow outside I would like to know I can get it going when it all melts.
>> Thanks for the help!
>> Tom 		 	   		
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