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green 1998 c1 (Updated: 2002.7.5)
Purchased: 10/06/02
Usage: 19,000 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: pirreli corsa
Owner: tony white           Phone: 01843 851879
Email to tony white
Location: UK -- ramsgate kent
Experience: 15 years riding 2 years racing
Bikes Owned: 11
Accessories: carbon fibre art exhaust, undertray,steering damper,black screen,mini idicators
Modifications: none yet,soon to be k&n filter,dyno jet
Problems: none
Comments: the easiest bike to ride very fast that i have ever owned better than a blade,easier to ride than an r1

Gold/Black 2002 ZX900F (Updated: 2002.6.16)
Purchased: June 2002
Usage: 40 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: OEM Battlax
Owner: Ron Skalbania           Phone: 915/947-7469
Email to Ron Skalbania
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- San Angelo, Texas
Experience: Dirt and Street-since 1972 (almost continuous)
Bikes Owned: 8
Accessories: None yet, need to get a tank bra first.
Modifications: None yet.
Problems: None, but I commented to the Service manager about the long break in period required. He said just ride the hell out of it, you won't break it! I think I'll try and take it easy for a while regardless.
Comments: Just bought it on Saturday June 15.It was a tough decision to trade in my 99 Superhawk but I'm real happy with the ZX9, just a terrific first impression. The ZX9 just fits me a little better the the 'Hawk and has better range for out here in West Texas.

      (Updated: 2002.6.14)
Usage: 6,000 kilometers.
Owner: Darius
Location: Europe (Western) --  

Green/Purple 2000 ZX9R (Updated: 2002.6.5)
Purchased: November 2000
Usage: 20,000 kilometers, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlop 207's , Michelin Hi-Sport
Owner: Bob Daudelin           Phone: 780-524-8783
Email to Bob Daudelin
Location: Canada (Western) -- Valleyview, Alberta
Experience: 6 years riding experience
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: Kimpex Rear Wheel Stand, HJC One Piece Leathers,HJC Carbon Knuckle Gloves, HJC Fusion Helmet (all matching of course), and AlpineStars SMX Black, HJC Tank Bag, Sony Discman, Dowco Cover
Modifications: Muzzy & Jetted, Ignition Advancer, Fender Eliminated, Custom Matching Rear Seat Cowl, LP Tinted Speed Screen, Rear Grab Handles Eliminated, LP Foot Pegs, LP Tank Bra, Clear Lens Kit, All Reflectors Eliminated
Problems: Written Off
Comments: Toasted the bike completely. $16,000 CDN cost to fix. It was great while it lasted. I WILL have another by mid June.

GREEN W/GRAPHICS 2000 ZX9R E1 (Updated: 2002.5.31)
Purchased: 02/01
Usage: 16,500 kilometers, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: DUNLOP D207
Owner: Jerry Shannon           Phone: 780-986-2559
Email to Jerry Shannon
Location: Canada (Western) -- Leduc, Alberta
Experience: Second season on street. Have ridden dirt bike.
Bikes Owned: 2
Accessories: Tank bag, Seat bag, Saddle bags, Joe Rocket Hight side 2-piece leathers, HJC 2-piece leathers, Shoei RF-800 helmet, Arai RX7-RR4 helmet, Alpinestars SM-X boots
Modifications: Full Hindle exhaust (Carbon Fiber can) Factory jet kit, Afam sprockets, sintered race pads, K&N filter
Problems: Fuel pump had to be replaced. Kick stand leaves the bike sitting too high (not enough lean)
Comments: Perfect all around bike. The only other mod I can see wanting is the muzzy's 998 big bore kit.

lightening blue '98 C1 (Updated: 2002.5.22)
Usage: 12,345 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlop 207's
Owner: Marshall Davis           Phone: 360 378-3438
Email to Marshall Davis
Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Friday Harbor, WA
Experience: 8
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: Took Ninja decal off tail section and have added an ART (out of England) rear hugger and carbon fiber tank guard, Pro Grip Gel grips, Zero Gravity Double Bubble med. smoke screen and Sigma Sport Targa speedo and trip computer. Stripped wheels, painted center and spokes black and polished the sides. Installed louder horn.
Modifications: Tuned suspension for my weight and riding style.
Problems: Not enough hours in the day for riding.
Comments: I love this bike so much. The more I ride her, the more I love her. Of all the bikes I've ridden, (and since everyone wants to ride mine I've ridden alot of different bikes lately, from Ducatis to Blackbirds) there hasn't been one that's done it for me like this one. Hope you're enjoying yours and hope to see you on the road!
For Sale: Big Dog Pass to 2002 Laguna Seca World Superbike in July.Cost me $200 with handling. Selling for $175.

red 2002 zx9r e2 (Updated: 2002.5.1)
Purchased: April 2002
Usage: 350 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: bt010
Owner: Simon Wright           Phone: +441536726845
Email to Simon Wright
Location: UK -- Kettering
Experience: 3
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: Alarm/immobiliser, Datatag, hugger
Modifications: None
Problems: None
Comments: None

Yangawa Rep 1998 C1 (Updated: 2002.4.20)
Purchased: 6/01
Usage: 1,000 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack, Touring.
Tires: Renn Sport's
Owner: Scott Rourke           Phone: 00447779596210
Email to Scott Rourke
Location: UK -- Belfast
Experience: MotoX , Supermoto, Trackdays ...... Soon Road Racing
Bikes Owned: 10+
Accessories: Undertray Hugger Yanagawa Race rep colours Double Bubble Headlight cover (being painted white)
Modifications: Boss End can Viper End can (sounds better than Boss)
Problems: Headstock Bearings Eating Chains, Sprockets and Tyres
Comments: Just want a wee bit more power Crap !!!! 9 points on my licience

blue 98 98 (Updated: 2002.4.17)
Purchased: 08/00
Usage: 40,000 kilometers, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Pireli dragon Evo (R) / Dunlop D207 (F)
Owner: Eran Hazoum
Email to Eran Hazoum
Location: Asia (Western) -- Israel
Experience: 7 years riding - no racing (unfortunately)
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: tank bag, alarm, dark buble screen
Modifications: none (yet) :-( planing on a full exhaust system (either Arror or Akra...)
Problems: fuel pump and feul unit were replaced. clutch replaced (my fault - hard riding)
Comments: love the bike - powerful, fast, comfortable, beutiful. Only wish the suspension was better (like my old GSXR750)

BLUE 2000 ZX9RE1 (Updated: 2002.4.9)
Purchased: 05/04/2001
Usage: 8,334 miles, Other.
Owner: ROB FISHER           Phone: 01686 628371
Location: UK -- NEWTOWN
Experience: 12 YEARS
Bikes Owned: 5
Problems: NONE

Purplish Black Mica Pearl 1996 ZX900B3 (Updated: 2002.4.4)
Purchased: May 1996
Usage: 60,000 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack, Touring, Other.
Tires: MEZ1, MEZ4
Owner: Scott Sullivan
Email to Scott Sullivan
Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Arlington, WA
Experience: circa 1994
Bikes Owned: 4
Photo: http://intelligentwhitemice.com/cynic/images/bikes/ZX9R_960720.jpg
Accessories: Gerbing Jacket, Heattroller, Roadcrafter.
Modifications: K&N air filter; 46 tooth aluminum rear sprocket; 114 DID X-ring chain; 55/100W H4 headlight; steel braided front brake lines; master cylinder zirc banjo; custom "fender eliminator" and shorty rear blinkers; Lots of silly bits removed.
Problems: Clutch pushrod seal leaks oil steadily despite four visits to the shop. Intermittent coolant leaks around EVERY gasket point. Has trouble going to work.
Comments: Fast, quick, and nimble once you setup the suspension properly so get help and do it. Front: Two lines showing, Rebound 4 clicks out, Compression 7 clicks out. Rear: 33mm sag, Rebound = (2|3), Compression 10 clicks out.

Black Mica 1996 ZX-9R (Updated: 2002.3.15)
Purchased: March 1996
Usage: 25,145 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlop D207ZR
Owner: Oliver(Star Scream) Redman II
Email to Oliver(Star Scream) Redman II
Location: USA (NorthEast) -- New York City
Experience: 12Yrs riding experience
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: Polished Frame & Swing Arm,Corbin Front & Rear seats,purple powder coated rims with polished lips,Holdtight double light headlight assembly,purple Lockhart wind screen,puple & black gel Pro Grips,Lockhart Phillips 1/2 tank cover,purple front and rear foot pegs,boltz,bar ends and lever adjusters,Gold Star Aluminum chain guard,Billet Aluminum clutch and brake reservoir covers,Polished brake and clutch levers
Modifications: Vance&Hines SSR2 full exhaust,Muzzy Aluminum fan,K&N air filter,Russell steel braided front brake lines,EBC HH Sintered front brake pads
Problems: I've had to change the coolant sensor for the radiator fan.The water pump went bad had to have it replaced.Recently the Kawasaki dealer's mechanic heard a noise rattling behind the clutch cover since it was under warranty he replaced the clutch basket and other related parts.I still hear the rattling noise.

orange/black 2002 zx9r (Updated: 2002.2.26)
Purchased: 02/02
Usage: 120 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: yusef sadek
Email to yusef sadek
Location: USA (NorthEast) -- w paterson, nj
Experience: 5 years
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: toby steering stablizer
Modifications: none yet

Red/Black 2000 E1 (Updated: 2002.2.14)
Purchased: Sept 2000
Usage: 4,000 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Michelin Hi-Sports
Owner: Mike Locke
Email to Mike Locke
Location: UK -- East Sussex
Experience: 7 years road & the odd trackday
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: Alarm/immobilsier and sod off chain
Modifications: None...yet, exhaust and dyno jet soon(any recommendations any one), also possible suspension work, especially the forks. 15-MAY-2001 Full Akrapovic added, 9hp gain, but the real benefit is the "feel" of the engine now, what an absolute animal, its a scream to ride, the only downer is I'm going to get a serious tug for telephone numbers speed soon. BT 010's trashed after trackday at Rockingham (010's are not the best track tyres either)so Hi-Sports fitted (ride in-ride out 190), grip is a thousand times better so long as you can get used to the "dropping off a cliff" feel as you turn in. Bike is currently at Pro Twins in Godstone for a full Hyper-Pro suspension upgrade so I'll let you know who it goes. 22-5-01 Got bike back from Pro Twins, suspension fixed, no more worries on corner exit of collateral damage (hedges, trees, oncoming traffic etc)...confidence totally restored in the bike and my riding. 10-2-02 MRA smoke double bubble screen fitted (bike looks complete now), Benelux bike design crash bobbins fitted, very solid but you will need to get longer engine mount bolts as the brackets rob some of the thread from the nut and leave it "hanging" slightly.
Problems: Soggy suspension, any set up ideas for a 12st rider pls email me(NOW SORTED, SEE ABOVE). Carb icing, I thought my 7R was bad but this is terrible. Scrathced fairing, any recommendations on a polish to reduce gravel rash to the paintwork??
Comments: Rain and rain and rain. I can testify that these things keep going even when the puddles are over footpeg depth. I'm sure that the kawasaki Ju-Ju man cursed my machine with eternal wet riding when it rolled off the production line!

BLUE/PURPLE 1999 C2 (Updated: 2002.1.24)
Purchased: 10/2001
Usage: 9,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring, Other.
Tires: Dunlop D207 / Bridgestone 010's
Owner: Steve Palmer
Email to Steve Palmer
Location: UK -- Verwood (nr Bournmouth)
Experience: 18 Years (on & off)
Bikes Owned: 9
Accessories: Hugger,Double Bubble screen,mushrooms,Carbon fork protectors,goodridge brake hoses,spyball alarm/immobiliser
Modifications: Yoshimura Rs-3 Race can
Problems: Sometimes after a high speed blast it thinks its a twin at low rpm.Suspect carb icing but its difficult to prove.Other than that none.
Comments: Last bike was a zzr1100.Blindly fast but what a tank compared to the zx9.Best move I ever made.Just can't seem to keep the front wheel down on the ground - not bad for a FAT BLOKE!! Wot can I say.....LOVE IT!!

RED 98 ZX9R (Updated: 2002.1.22)
Purchased: 5-98
Usage: 47,500 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: DUNLOP D207
Owner: RANDY C
Email to RANDY C
Location: USA (California) -- Torrance
Experience: 23 years 10 years canyons
Bikes Owned: 14
Photo: http://profiles.yahoo.com/zx4rndy
Accessories: tank bag, smoke wind screen, Barbed wire cable and Krptonite lock
Modifications: Yoshi full race system, "Factory" jet kit, braided steel brake lines, removed rear fender and rear turn signals, put rear turn signals inside rear side panels, n-w-s- rear wheel hugger fender (red), rear seat cowl (red), alarm,
Problems: 32K mi needed clutch, front fender cracked -replaced by dealer due to "factory recall" along with some clutch parts. Go to any dealer and give vin # and they should fix for free. 46,000 clutch cable broke.
Comments: Update 1-02:Traded bike to dealer Jan 2002 with 47,500mi for what I owed ($4,000). Sorry to see her go, she did me proud, still ran very hard but with those miles I was waiting for the "stupid" problems to start. Bought a 2002 Hayabusa, different but most excellant. update:as of 11-01 I totally love this thing, had a 97 for a month but it got stolen, this is much better. 46,500 mi and almost every time I go out I get into the triple digits (thats just the on ramp) With a slipping clutch at 32k mi I got 128bhp at the rear wheel (not bad) I ride Malibu canyon "Rock Store" a lot with some groups, wanna ride? Drop me a line

Green Yanagawa Replica 1994 ZX9-R (Updated: 2002.1.16)
Purchased: 18/01/00
Usage: 13,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: D207
Owner: Paul White
Email to Paul White
Location: UK -- Cleveland
Experience: 15 years Motocross, 2 year road riding/race
Bikes Owned: 2
Accessories: K&N Filter, Full Akrapovic Race System And Carbon Oval Can, Dynojeted std kwaka carbs, Race Seat Cowl, Harris Hanging Bracket And A Mean Akira Yanagawa Shell Advance 99 Spray Job Thanks To Alan's Resprays, Redcar UK.
Modifications: K&N Air Filter, Full Akrapovic Race System And Carbon Oval Can, Dynojet, 1 Tooth Down At The Front Sprocket For Much Better Acceleration Now It Sits Up In 2nd Off The Throttle No Sh*# And It Still Weighs The Same As Stock Give Or Take A Few Kilos, 140bhp At The Back Wheel Thanks To Paul Hoddy Of Dynobike, Malton, UK.
Problems: It Has Cost Me An Arm And A Leg, And I Have Ran Out Of Cash...
Comments: My ZX9 Works Well And Goes Like Sh*# Of A Shovel, I Think It Handles Like Any Other Bike In Its Class Especialy With The 207's On, But I Still Require More Horses At My Back Wheel So Next It's Going To Be A Mod In The Way Of A Re-Programable Ignition Unit.
For Sale: Spares Or Repair 2000 Blown Head Gasket I Have Ran Out Of Cash

Purple Mica Black 1996 ZX9R (Updated: 2002.1.4)
Purchased: used in Oct'99 w/1900 miles on it!
Usage: 33,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Metzler MEZ3's
Owner: Chris
Email to Chris
Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Seattle WA
Experience: 23yrs road/dirt
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: Heated grips.Most people mount them on snowmobiles but they really are invaluable on a streetbike if you ride year round,wherever you live.Lockhart/Phillips Speed Screen. Carbon front fender and tank guard.Next larger sized battery (lasts longer).Tried a Lockhart/Phillips carbon rear fender but that was a total waste of $220.All the holes were drilled in the wrong places and the fit was SOOOOO poor that I took it off before I had an accident with the thing self destructing on the rear tire.Eclipse soft luggage for trips.
Modifications: Factory Jet kit and K&N filter.Even with the stock exhaust,the intake mods REALLY filled in the midrange power.I felt that I didn't really need more peak power because I just can't use it when I've already got 170mph available whenever I want it so,the pipe is stock and quiet enough to not piss my neighbors off.The heated grips are incredible and I won't ever ride without them again.The flip on the speedscreen just helps with my 6ft height.Will send shock/forks to RaceTech or Lindemann Engineering for rebuild/revalve when I can justify parking it for a few weeks but,I just hate the thought of not riding for any extended period! Wired in a Priority Lites box so that the front turn signals stay lit as running lights and,I swear that I don't have anywhere near the problems with assholes lane changing ontop of me that I used to.Replaced stock brake pads with same bcz the front brakes are the best I've ever squeezed on any bike I've ever ridden.Changed sprockets to a 17/47 tooth combo and a 530/114 link chain to just get the chain riding higher so the swingarm slider got a break from all the wear and it also liberates the rear suspension from all the chain tension squatting when on the power.The 17/47 sprockets give almost the same final drive ratio and more chain clearance on the top of the swingarm pivot where the chain wear slider is. Stick with the stock width rear tire (a 180/55) or you'll regret it.The wider tire look isn't worth the fkd up handling probs OR the extra money.Carbon front fender is only because of the forgotten disc lock and the carbon is cheaper than the stock fender.Looks cooler too,natch!Oh yeah,when I did the carb mods,I left the air injection unit on.Sure,it doesn't help the closed or trailing throttle but,all that fresh air injected into the exhaust when you've flipped the kill switch off/on lights off a MASSIVE explosion that can be handy in 'just' the right situations (jaywalking pedestrians or narcoleptic minivan dickheads)
Problems: One word: TRANSMISSION The only one thing that positively sucks about this bike is it's utterly pathetic ability to shift from gear to gear and the 4th to 5th (or 5th to 4th) shift is the absolute worst.Talk about FALSE NEUTRAL!Nothing worse than hitting 12,000rpm in 4th and going for 5th but getting a big,fat neutral.Whoever designed this tranny needs to get punched in the head.Clunky,notchy and just plain BS.Good thing the engine has soo much power that you don't really need to shift very often but,if I wanted to ride a bike with a crap tranny,I'd buy another frickin Honda (they can lick me!).
Comments: WHY oh WHY doesn't every bike come with a fuel guage??That was the determining factor between the 96 and the 99 (blue) that I was looking at because the reduced weight of the newer bike wasn't low enough to entice me into the prospect of pushing it when inevitably running out of fuel.It's bound to happen at least ONCE with no fuel guage.I'd take an inaccurate fuel guage over dual trip meters any day of the year.Screw that nonsense! I have nothing but praise for this bike because I used to own a 1990 VFR 750 (pile of shit- don't believe what ANY magazine says about that bike)When the price of both bikes is equal,the ZX9 pisses all over that pathetically underpowered,unreliable,overweight piece of overrated Honda junk.The first day I owned my Nine,I just happened upon a VFR 750 that was racing an Audi TT on the freeway and I positively annihilated BOTH of those pussies.It was the most gratifying moment of my love affair with this bike and I've had nothing but grins ever since.Well,except for the occasional crappy shift....

Black 1998 ZX9R C1 (Updated: 2002.1.3)
Purchased: 08/2001
Usage: 11,800 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: BT056 new 02 series
Owner: Sander Dullaart           Phone: +31 (20) 6798552
Email to Sander Dullaart
Location: Europe (Western) -- Amsterdam
Experience: ZZR400 / ZXR750 - 10 yrs experience - planning a race course spring '02
Bikes Owned: 3
Photo: http:\\www.dullaart.com\motorcycles\motorcyclesindex.html
Accessories: Mivv sportscan-- nice and deep racy sound, sometimes even flames coming out!! - Spyball alarm system - NDR dark windscreen
Modifications: Slashed the rear fender, MDI carbon hugger didn't fit well- changed it for a Red Fox make.
Problems: none yet.
Comments: Very happy with it. Defenitely the finest bike I've ever ridden. Tremendous torque, dazzling top power. Handles easy, but haven't had the steps touching the street [YET].

Candy Lightning Blue 1999 zx-9r c2 (Updated: 2002.1.2)
Purchased: September 2001
Usage: 7,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlop D207ZR/same
Owner: Pete Ober
Email to Pete Ober
Location: Europe (Southern) -- Sicily
Experience: 6 years street, one race school
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: Frame, bar, and swingarm sliders. Genmar bar risers
Modifications: Drilling fairings and modifying coolant tank to fit frsme sliders. A pain, but worth the effort. Shimmed needles 0.4 mm in efforts to better low end flat spot. It drinks more gas than before, but not much else.
Problems: Crazy front fairing rattle at 30 mph or so. Excessive fuel consumption. Hmm, maybe due to being on the gas a lot, but worn needle jets seems could also be a culprit.
Comments: I love it. Next is probably exhaust and jetting only to iron out the rough 2500-3000 rpm spot. Maybe a Corbin or Sargent seat. The bar risers only raise it 5/8 inch, but it is enough to make more comfortable since this is my daily ride to work. Side by side with Helibars, the Helibar angle was less comfortable. I want to find out about track days and racing in Sicily. Great bike.
For Sale: tinted Speedscreen excellent condition to fit 98-99 9R.

Lime Green 2001 E1 (Updated: 2001.12.29)
Purchased: 09/2001
Usage: 2,100 miles, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone
Owner: Richard Ellice           Phone: +441279722225
Email to Richard Ellice
Location: Europe (Western) -- Sawbridgeworth herts.
Experience: 30 Years on and off Racing mainly off road endruo/ trails etc
Bikes Owned: 10
Accessories: Hugger and replacement pillion seat cover
Modifications: none yet
Problems: Carb icing and ignition fuse keeps blowing
Comments: only just run in finding it hard to hang on to the Mother

green/purple 2000 zx9r (Updated: 2001.12.18)
Purchased: 06/01
Usage: 7,190 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: dunlop D207
Owner: wheelie king
Email to wheelie king
Location: USA (NorthEast) -- boston
Experience: 15 dirt/ 9 street
Bikes Owned: 7
Accessories: smoked windscreen,short stalk directionals, polished rims
Modifications: full SATO ti exhaust W/carbon can, factory ti jetkit
Problems: except for false neutral between 4th and 5th gear none what so ever
Comments: sickest bike by far i've ever ridden.was some what concerned if i was gonna be happy with before i purchased. rode r1's and 929's before,but this bike is the best.friends don't believe me that this bike will wheelie in 3rd gear with ease with no clutch.their's can't.ha ha

RED / BLACK/ SILVER 2001 ZX9R (Updated: 2001.12.10)
Purchased: 11/01
Usage: 75 miles, Street/Sport, Racetrack.
Tires: Stock Dunlop D207
Owner: Michael Williams           Phone: 011-49-160-5091693
Email to Michael Williams
Location: Europe (Western) -- Mannheim
Experience: 17+ yrs riding, 2 yrs riding at Hockenheim Ring in Germany
Bikes Owned: 5
Accessories: None
Modifications: None
Problems: None yet...
Comments: This bike is brand new so no modifications has been made to it...yet!

green/purple 2000 ZX9R (Updated: 2001.12.6)
Purchased: 12/22/99
Usage: 7,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: stock
Owner: Larry Moore
Email to Larry Moore
Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Tampa
Experience: Since '72
Bikes Owned: lots
Comments: I sold the bike but I have a near new slip on for sale
For Sale: I have a pristine Yosh aluminum slipon with a Ti bracket for a 98' through 00' Make offer by e-mail

BLSCK 2000 ZX9R (Updated: 2001.12.4)
Purchased: 12/01
Usage: 7,050 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: DUNLOP D207
Owner: kEYS
Email to kEYS
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Holloman AFB
Experience: 6
Bikes Owned: 4
For Sale: 1993 GSXR750 FOR SALE. Yoshimura exhaust, stage 3 jet kit, tank bra, purple wind screen, flush mount front turn signals, short stalk rear, second look seat, cover, partially polished frame, $3500.00 O.B.O.

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