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Red 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2006.11.10)
Purchased: June 2006
Usage: 168,000 kilometers, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone
Owner: Chris Smith           Phone: 604 295-0178
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Location: Canada (Western) -- Richmond, BC
Experience: 5 Years riding now, some many moons ago
Bikes Owned: 3
Accessories: Passenger back-rest and rear luggage rack. Highway pegs (they were on it when I bought it and I am going to take them off!
Modifications: None
Problems: None
I love this bike! Previous was a 1985 Yamaha MaximX, which had some speed but not the comfort, luggage spacve, passenger space and sheer go that the ST1100 has!

BLACK 1996 AT abs tcs cbs (Updated: 2003.3.26)
Purchased: JULY 2002
Usage: 44,200 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: brigdestone BT020
Owner: mark
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Location: UK -- Bristol
Experience: 21 years
Bikes Owned: 9
Accessories: honda topbox,cruise control,autocom,bespoke saddle,data tagged.
Modifications: none yet
Problems: none yet..........keep on reading about ABS faults. does honda know about this?????????
very heavy at first,smoothest bike i have ever owned,mirrors are great,although same height as the cages.keeps up with most other bikes upto approx 100 mph.

Red 2000 LBS-ABS-TCS (Updated: 2003.8.10)
Purchased: Aug 4, 2003
Usage: 650 kilometers, Touring.
Owner: Eric Jackson           Phone: 1-613-725-9755
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Location: Canada (Central) -- Ottawa
Experience: 30 yrs riding
Bikes Owned: 7
Accessories: none yet
Modifications: none

Candy Dark Red 2000 ST1100ALY (Updated: 2004.8.4)
Purchased: September 16, 2000
Usage: 55,000 miles, Touring.
Owner: Chris Hall
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Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Blacksburg, Virginia
Bikes Owned: 6

dark candy red 2000 st1100 (Updated: 2002.5.11)
Purchased: April 2002
Usage: 5,008 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: stock
Owner: Bill Southworth           Phone: 707 887 9831
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Location: USA (California) -- Forestville, Sonoma county,CA
Experience: 4
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: RKA liner bags
Modifications: Helli-Bars, throttle "lock"
Problems: none
Really enjoying this bike. Heavy to handle at low speed compared to my last ride. Great mid range acceleration. added the helli bars for more comfort for my middle age body.

Burgundy 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2004.11.25)
Purchased: 02/28/2003
Usage: 16,100 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlop Arowmax D103
Owner: John Burke
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Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Vancouver, WA
Experience: Street and dirt riding for 30 + years...
Bikes Owned: 12
Accessories: None - need taller windscreen
Modifications: None - no plans
Problems: Zero
Yes - a little heavy & little front push in corners, but dead smooth and completely reliable. Best of all, it doesn't keep saying "go faster..go faster" which I don't need to do anymore.

Red 00 ST1100 (Updated: 2003.3.3)
Purchased: Feb 00
Usage: 2,500 miles, Touring.
Tires: stock
Owner: Bob Johansen
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Location: USA (California) -- San Diego
Bikes Owned: 7
Accessories: Helmet lock/license plate frame

Candy Apple Dark Red 2000 ST1100Y (Updated: 2000.5.24)
Purchased: 05/2000
Usage: 1 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone Excedra
Owner: James Evans           Phone: 480-836-1547
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Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Fountain Hills, Arizona
Experience: 15 years riding
Bikes Owned: 5
Accessories: Hondaline Backrest Hondaline Bag Liners
Modifications: Pro-Grips
Problems: None
Nicest and most fun bike I have ever owned!

BLACK 1990 ST1100 (Updated: 2015.6.8)
Purchased: MARCH 2013
Usage: 133,925 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Location: Canada (Western) -- Surrey B.C.
Experience: 5
Bikes Owned: 5
Modifications: 40AMP ALT.

Black 1990 ST1100 (Updated: 2015.2.8)
Usage: 70,000 kilometers, Touring.
Owner: Mark Tottenham
Location: Canada (Western) -- Revelstoke
Experience: 48 years of riding
Bikes Owned: lots

Burgundy 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2008.1.16)
Purchased: October 2007
Usage: 49,500 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Michelin Pilot Roads
Owner: Ed Conde
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Location: USA (NorthEast) -- Watertown, Massachusetts
Accessories: Givi V46 Topbox, Saddleman Seat, Heli Bars, Throttle Lock, Voltmeter, Cigar Power Socket, Fork Brace, Garmin Zumo 550, Hella Running Lights, Stebel Horn, PIAA Headlight bulbs, Laminar Cafe Combo Windscreen, Leather tank bra

Blue with White left mirror pod 1990 ST1100 (Updated: 2010.2.6)
Purchased: August 2008
Usage: 207,000 kilometers, Street/Sport, Touring, Other.
Tires: Metzelers MEZ6 Front & ME880 Rear
Owner: Tiny
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Location: Australia (Eastern) -- Sydney
Experience: been riding for 40 years now
Bikes Owned: 12
Accessories: 45lt Scooter Top box as the standared 15lt top box couldn't hold much like maybe a pack lunch & a couple of cans of soft drink if your lucky???? Maintenance free battery, NGK Iridaum Spark Plugs
Modifications: Stock, apart from replacing the stock spark plugs with NGK Iridaum Spark Plugs, Right mirror cover is now white after it when to sleep on me out the front of a friends place one night back in Febuary, covered in bullet hole stickers to hide the stone chips ion the front & sides of the paint work..New maintenance free battery lot better than those old lead acid battery's.
Problems: Battery died due to not geting used as much as I got my Goldwing back before being knocked off it again by a car driver not looking when he was changing lanes, NGK Iridaum Spark Plugs as it was fouling the normal ones every couple of weeks.... New maintenance free battery lot better than those old lead acid battery's.
It's quick, damn quick & a lot easier to throw around than my '95 Goldwing... not a comfortable as the wing but it will do as a every day to & from work bike as well as a Sunday blast up the old road or a run down through the national park & up Macquarie pass to the pie shop....
For Sale: I don't think so as I need something to get me to & from work as well as getting around on while my '95 Goldwing is back in the bike shop to get the accident damage repaired... Would still keep it even if I did sell my goldwing as the next new bike will be used as a weekend bike only & seeing I don't car's I need something to ride to & from work on...

Maroon 2001 ST1100A (Updated: 2015.10.6)
Usage: 92,000 kilometers, Touring.
Tires: Pirelli
Owner: Andrew Stawowczyk Long           Phone: +61408478522
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Location: Australia (Eastern) -- Canberra
Experience: General, 55 years
Bikes Owned: 12
Accessories: Panniers, non-standard top box
Modifications: Heated grips; Internal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPSM); Utility Shelf; GPS; 2 x 30W LED auxiliary driving lights; Hazard lights; Nautilus 130dB horn;
Problems: None

Silver (Black originally) 1991 ST1100 L (Updated: 2010.5.11)
Purchased: 03/07
Usage: 259,616 kilometers, Touring.
Tires: BT045 (F) Conti Road Attack (R)
Owner: Allan Bool           Phone: +6433490305
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Location: New Zealand -- Christchurch
Experience: 40 years
Bikes Owned: 10
Accessories: Heated grips, Givi E50 Top Box and Monokey rack.
Problems: Rear disc worn below minimum thickenss (replaced). Caused by sticking caliper. Suspected driveshaft bearing or coupling failure has stopped my riding for a while (1 May 2010).
Engine No. SC26E-2006823 (just a place to record this info). Wonderful two-up tourer with a bit of attitude when you need it. Now has 278708 km on the clock but parked for repairs.

DARK RED 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2009.3.11)
Purchased: FEB O9
Usage: 26,000 kilometers, Touring.
Owner: GREG           Phone: 1 403 563 5133
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whats that
Location: Canada (Western) -- Crowsness Pass
Experience: 50 years road & trail 8 years trials,racing experience two broken bones
Bikes Owned: 26
Accessories: None yet ,would like some snow tires and back rest for my old lady
Modifications: Not yet.
Problems: Yes It's still at the dealers ranch waiting for the 3ft of snow to melt then I can take it for a test run,That's why Canadian bikes have so little km on them.
Have to fire up the quad if spring dos'nt come soon.

maroon 2000 st100 (Updated: 2001.4.18)
Purchased: 12/2001
Usage: 550 miles, Other.
Tires: dunlop
Owner: donald j guhman           Phone: 516 799-8229
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Location: USA (NorthEast) -- massapequa park
Experience: 31
Bikes Owned: 3
Problems: bike weight

Metallic Blue 2002 ST1100 (Updated: 2011.4.10)
Purchased: Dec 2010
Usage: 77,000 kilometers, Touring.
Owner: Kevin Clayton           Phone: +61402077614
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Location: Australia (Southern) -- Hobart, Tasmania
Experience: 5 years
Bikes Owned: 2

WHITE 1998 ST1100 POLICE (Updated: 2007.1.20)
Purchased: 20/09/2006
Usage: 71,000 miles, Touring.
Owner: DAVE SMITH           Phone: +448707429930
Location: UK -- lONDON
Bikes Owned: 9
Problems: NONE

Candy Apple Red 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2006.8.29)
Purchased: July 2006
Usage: 38,838 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone radials
Owner: Gene McCall           Phone: 615 893 9154
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Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Murfreesboro, TN
Experience: Started at 12, long gap from 25 to 60, constant since
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: Electronic cruise control, heli bars, Piaa fog lights, led brake lights, +5 shield, corbin seat, HighWay wings, fairing & mirror wind deflectors, digital volt meter and air horn soon to be added, along with a Tom Tom Rider gps.
Problems: Tupperware is a pain to take off and put back on, I keep coming up with left over screws!
Smoothest bike I have ever ridden!

Candy Dark Red 2000 ST1100 (Updated: 2000.9.18)
Purchased: April 2000
Usage: 4,500 miles, Touring.
Owner: Chris Hall
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Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Blacksburg, Virginia
Experience: 5 years
Bikes Owned: 3
Bike was totaled in a deerstrike on 8/7/00 near milepost 179 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

White 1998 ST1100 (Updated: 2002.2.8)
Purchased: 21.11.2000
Usage: 12,000 miles, Touring.
Tires: Avon Radials
Owner: Paul Narramore           Phone: 01634-683752
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Location: UK -- Aylesford, Kent
Experience: 35yrs riding
Bikes Owned: 8
Accessories: This is a Police-spec bike which was purchased from new by a recovery company for going to the assistance of stranded motorists. When I bought her, she had a single seat and hump, flashing amber front lights, rear flashing light on extending mast, fire extinguisher, and no rear foot rests, and reflective green/yellow stripes.
Modifications: I returned the bike to Sonic Communications of Birmingham, who originally modified the bike, and they partially converted her back to street spec. I retained the reflective green/yellow stripes and rear red patches (for safety) and pulsating headlights (because it would have cost too much to have changed the right-hand switch gear). Also with the bike came heated grips, wind deflectors and voltmeter.
Problems: Idiots in tin boxes sometimes STILL fail to see me!! The Avons are very poor especially on damp roads but they are nearing the end of their life and will be changed for Metzeler ME Z4s which are supposed to be the bee's knees.
Bloody heavy and only JUST low enough for my short legs. Dropped just once at zero mph when caught out on Dartmoor by an extreme camber at a junction. Surprisingly I DID manage to pick her up... An absolute dream of a bike but a real handful in the recent gales. I'm riding her across the US in May/June too.

Black 1991 ST1100 (Updated: 2002.12.12)
Purchased: 12/2002
Usage: 28 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Dunlops
Owner: Benjamin H. Gray
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Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Gainesville, FL
Experience: 1.5 yrs. riding daily
Bikes Owned: 2
Accessories: stock
Modifications: none
Problems: none
Man, she's so heavy...but she's so sweet.

GOLD 1997 ST1100A (Updated: 2006.5.9)
Purchased: 04/05
Usage: 31,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Location: UK -- Cuckfield
Experience: 16
Bikes Owned: 9

Candy Glory Red 1992 ST1100 (Updated: 2002.12.10)
Purchased: October 2001
Usage: 7,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Bridgestone Exedras, G547(fr), G548 (r)
Owner: Dean Utendorf
Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- Toledo, OH area
Experience: 20 Years
Bikes Owned: 7
Accessories: Corbin saddle, VistaCruise, Hyperlites, LED voltage monitor, GIVI rack & top box, Hondaline backrest, Clearview shield, RAM GPS mount, Heli Bars, VFR750 adjustable clutch lever, TankSlapper, Eclipse classic tank bag.
Purchased the bike after it had been stored for 7 years. Great bike and basically new.

candy red 1993 ST1100 (Updated: 2001.10.27)
Purchased: June 1994 (brand new)
Usage: 71,300 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Metzeler ME33 front/ME880 rear
Owner: Mark Thompson
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Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- Okawville, IL
Experience: 20
Bikes Owned: 2
Accessories: Rifle +4 windscreen, Sargent seat, Solo cordless radar detector.
Modifications: Koni shock, Progressive fork springs.
Problems: Cracking plastic on top of the gauges, the area under the windscreen. Not bad enough to replace it yet, but it's getting there. Also had to replace the bearing for the right side cam drive at 68,000 miles. First hint of trouble was a roaring sound, sort of like a water pump failing. Relatively cheap fix though, the bearing was $80 and only about 3 hours labor. Be careful and don't ignore unusual engine noises, boys!
Aside from the failed bearing, the bike has been rock solid. Best bike I've ever ridden, not even close. I love my ST, have no plans to get rid of it, ever. A bike with a little more speed that's lighter on its feet might be nice, so I'm looking to buy an Aprilia Futura in a couple years. But whatever happens, I'm keeping my ST!

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