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BLACK/GOLD 1980 XS1100LG (Updated: 2003.6.28)
Purchased: 6/2003
Usage: 11,621 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: Tom Fowler
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Location: USA (NorthEast) -- Springfield, Va
Experience: 29 with a 16 year layoff!
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: None
Modifications: None
Problems: 2 leaky carbs...replaced float seat o-rings with automotive ac rings...a little tight but work great for $.35 a piece! Readjusted float levels...synced carbs...runs Great!
Bought a midnight special new in '80...sold it in '86...booo should have never done that! Found this one on the internet and........I'm back! Looking for a midnight special grab bar in great condition (Gold with black trim)...email me if you know of one! Thanks

Midnight Special 1980 XS-1100LG (Updated: 2008.3.29)
Purchased: 06/90 (used)
Usage: 56,179 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Metzler ME880
Owner: Bob Kurlansky           Phone: (808) 885-7742
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Location: USA (Hawaii) -- Kamuela
Experience: 40 years riding
Bikes Owned: 4
Accessories: National Cycle Plexi3 fairing, Weigl Telefix fork brace, spare Mustang saddle, engine crash bars, Yamaha leather saddlebags modified to fit under seat without moving turn signal light pods.
Modifications: Replaced old exhaust system: Mac System 4 into 2 with taper-tip pipes. Replaced original seat cover with Travelcade cover and recut foam (original seat pan).
Problems: The usual reserve lighting (headlight) unit headache, which was replaced with a new unit, found on eBay.
Aloha to you all. Great bike (named Midnight Mona) that I've had the pleasure of caring for over the past 18 years. Had an XS-850 (bought new), prior to Mona.

Black 1980 XS1100L (Updated: 2010.5.27)
Purchased: 6-1980
Usage: 22,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Dunlop
Owner: Clay Banker           Phone: 903-463-1528
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Location: USA (SouthCentral) -- Denison, Texas
Experience: 40+ years riding
Bikes Owned: 12
Accessories: Factory king/queen seat, factory luggage rack and sissy bar that have been 24k plated, Factory black case savers with custom gold & chrome highway pegs, k&n air filter, Jardine header, factory sport wind screen and National Cycle 17" windscreen, throttle lock
Modifications: Only the added accessories
Problems: None to speak of
Bike still draws attention at cruises and rally's, even when surrounded by high dollar HD's.

custom 1979 special (Updated: 2005.4.18)
Purchased: april 15 2005
Usage: 34,895 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: Tom burton
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Location: USA (NorthEast) --  
Experience: 11
Bikes Owned: 10
Problems: carbs are in need of repair.

Black 1979 SF (Updated: 2008.6.9)
Purchased: May 2008
Usage: 24,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Dunlop Elite II
Owner: Aaron Grimm
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Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- Iowa
Bikes Owned: 5

Black 1979 XS1100 (Updated: 2000.9.4)
Purchased: bought new in 79
Usage: 24,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: K Logan
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Location: USA (NorthCentral) --  
Experience: 30 years riding
Accessories: Windsheild & Sissybar
Modifications: None
Problems: Broken return spring on shifter. Leaking petcock. Wobbly tachometer. Usual 2nd gear problems. For 21 years old ... not bad I think I'll keep her.
I am looking for the specifications regarding the intake valve clearance. I am suspicious that the Clymer Manual may have incorrect information. Does anyone know for sure?

Black 1979 XS1100SF (Updated: 2019.1.22)
Purchased: 01/07/19
Usage: 30,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: Marty
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Location: USA (NorthCentral) --  
Experience: None
Hello, I am new to the XS11. From what I can tell I have an SF model. Is this correct, and what does this mean? Any tips or advice is appreciated.

Black and Gold 79 LG (Updated: 2004.2.9)
Purchased: 1997
Usage: 30,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Metzler
Owner: Brian
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Location: UK -- Surrey
Experience: 6
Accessories: Stainless steel brake lines, mobile phone & GPS power points, Sigma cycle speedo.
Modifications: It's a Midnight Special in good'ish condition but I had to replace the original exhausts (too expensive) with black Motad N-eta's.
Problems: Stuttering in the wet on Motorways but electrical tape seems to keep me going.
Did the XS11 European rally in Netherlands 2003, it was great, so, going to Germany for 2004. These bikes can really cruise.

Black and Gold 1980 XS 1100 Midnight Special (Updated: 2009.9.11)
Purchased: August 2009
Usage: 12,700 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Pirelli MT66
Owner: Jerry Darnell
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Location: USA (SouthEast) -- Vienna, Virginia
Experience: 15
Bikes Owned: 1
Photo: Photo-Link
Accessories: Awesome bike
Modifications: 4 into 1 exhaust, fork brace, gold rear brake lever, original Midnight Special Vetter
For Sale: Sure for $7000.00

New Yamaha Black / Gold 1980 Midnight Special LG (Updated: 2015.12.9)
Purchased: Nov. 2002
Usage: 53,000 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Tires: Shinko
Owner: Sean W.
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Location: USA (California) -- San Francisco Bay Area
Experience: 15 years riding in 61 years of living.
Bikes Owned: 2
Accessories: King and Queen Seat, Chrome crash bars with highway pegs.
Modifications: Bored to 1200cc, Japanese BB Kit installed. Kerker 4 into 1 exhaust (installed around 1986). The rest of the bike is pretty much original.
Problems: After top end rebuild, now have detonation issue. Probably in the vacuum timing advance. This was an issue with the 11's and Yamaha issued a fix back in the 80's but the XS owners had to pay for the repair. Disconnecting the vacuum advance has cured about 90 percent of the issue.
This was a basket case, frozen motor (bent valve), mangled electrical etc. I did a poor mans restore on it, replaced valve, cleaned carbs, repaired the wiring, resoldered the TCI module pins and off I went, riding for the next four years. In 2007 the motor developed a miss and a zero compression cylinder. I parked it. In 2010 I tore down the top end. This year, 2015 it was put back together. Runs well, I am looking forward to riding and putting many more dollars into it. This machine is truly a labor of love.

black 1979 xs1100 (Updated: 2001.9.1)
Purchased: 09/01/2001
Usage: 30,899 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: metzler
Owner: Jeff W
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Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Woodinville
Experience: 25
Bikes Owned: 5
Accessories: avanti fairing
Problems: This bike was my uncle's original owner bike, and when they heard I had purchased an 1100 special to restore, they gave this tarped special that has been sitting for 12 years. I might end up with 2 runners... Another classic saved from the vultures or crusher.
Lots of surface rust to deal with.
For Sale: Heck ill probably need things, as i get my list together

New Yamaha Black 1980 XS1100 LH (Updated: 2009.1.19)
Purchased: August 2008
Usage: 22,145 miles, Other.
Tires: Dunlop E3 front and rear
Owner: Ray Matteis           Phone: 18316886668
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Location: USA (California) -- Aptos, CA
Experience: 42 years riding
Bikes Owned: 18
Accessories: Case savers, TKat Fork brace
Modifications: None
Problems: Cosmetics
Bike needs proper clean up, but STILL looks good

cardinal red 1979 XS1100SF (Updated: 2018.10.21)
Purchased: 5/2011
Usage: 34,900 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: Jerry Brown
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Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Chandler Az
Experience: 35
Bikes Owned: 6
Modifications: 4to1 Mac exhaust,drilled airbox, trat fork brace,Virago rear shocks,case guards,regular bars

black 79 xs1100sf (Updated: 2009.1.27)
Purchased: 08/08
Usage: 2,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: kent           Phone: 48091
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Location: USA (NorthEast) -- warren,mi
Experience: all my life
Bikes Owned: 1

black 1979 xs11special (Updated: 2004.6.10)
Purchased: 03/2001
Usage: 34,600 miles, Street/Sport, Touring, Other.
Owner: steve czekus
Email to steve czekus
Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- sioux falls s.d.
Experience: 25 years street and dirt
Bikes Owned: 6
Accessories: vetter fareing,hard plastic saddle bags,king/qween seat sissy bar,pack rack behind seat, casegaurd bars,highway pegs,
Modifications: new brakes,tires,rear shocks,battery,plugs,caps cleaned up the carbs,replaced all fuel plumbing,changed fork oil,changed brake fluid/frnt @ bck,replaced intake vale shims,paint job on tank,
Problems: lack of power was carbs.a fraction out of sinc.timeing was a little off.about 3 degrees.runs like a champ now.
very good bike,picked up for an unbelievebly low price. being able to work on my own bike is great.total invested 850.00[including bike, Unbelievable power

Black 1979 xs1100sf (Updated: 2016.4.10)
Purchased: 01/2005
Usage: 53,958 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: David Gallo           Phone: 9167091701
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Location: USA (California) -- Sacramento
Experience: 20 years
Bikes Owned: 3

black 1979 xs1100f (Updated: 2012.4.17)
Purchased: 04/2012
Usage: 41,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: DEREK HENSEY           Phone: 00353863978258
Location: Europe (Western) -- IRELAND
Experience: 22
Bikes Owned: 12
Photo: TOO ASHAMED!!!!

black 1979 xs1100s (Updated: 2008.8.13)
Purchased: July 3, 2008
Usage: 54,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Dunlop/chinese junk tire
Owner: James Schweer           Phone: 559-930-4094
Email to James Schweer
Location: USA (California) -- Clovis, Ca
Experience: riding for twenty years
Bikes Owned: 4
Modifications: Only mod so far is a change to superbike handle bars and comfy foam grips. Changes are in the works for other stuff....
Problems: Number one pipe cracked and was welded by previous owner. Terrible weld job. Will be fixing over winter. The right side baffle is loose and sounds terrible over 3000 rpm. The seat is the 'King and Queen' style seat. Good condition, but not the right seat for this bike. Turn signals aren't working and the rear signals are attached to the brake light housing instead of the frame under the seat. That will have to be changed.

Black 1979 XS1100 SF (Updated: 1999.7.7)
Purchased: 6/99
Usage: 31,438 miles, Street/Sport, Other.
Owner: Randy Jackson           Phone: 512-264-0061
Email to Randy Jackson
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Spicewood, TX (near Austin)
Experience: 32
Bikes Owned: 15>
Problems: Bought as a Parts bike.
For Sale: All parts are for sale.

Black 1979 SF (Updated: 2009.3.12)
Purchased: April 2008
Usage: 69,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Owner: Jaron Harding
Email to Jaron Harding
Location: USA (NorthWest) -- Rexburg
Experience: 1 Year Riding
Bikes Owned: 1
Accessories: Accent lighting with LED's

Black 1979 Special (Updated: 2006.5.26)
Purchased: August 2003
Usage: 23,500 miles, Street/Sport, Touring.
Owner: Matthew Beal
Email to Matthew Beal
Location: USA (SouthCentral) -- Kansas City
Experience: 18 year
Bikes Owned: 2

BLACK 1979 XS1100 SF (Updated: 2010.5.23)
Purchased: 12-1-2008
Usage: 59,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: Bridgestone Spitfires
Owner: Richard Goerlich
Email to Richard Goerlich
Location: USA (SouthWest) -- Katy, TX
Experience: 42 years riding
Bikes Owned: 40+
Photo: Photo-Link
Accessories: 4 to 1 MAC header muffler, S/S brake lines added recently.

blue 1979 Special (Updated: 2001.4.23)
Purchased: 4/2001
Usage: 33,000 miles, Other.
Owner: Jesse Gamble           Phone: (651) 214-0901
Email to Jesse Gamble
Location: USA (NorthCentral) -- Twin Cities
Experience: 4
Bikes Owned: 2
Photo: http://jessegamble.com/xs11.htm
Accessories: I have fairing, back rest, hard bags and trunk, but do not have them installed. (Want to buy them?)
Modifications: None so far, I plan to rebuild it next winter.
Problems: None at all.
For Sale: I have fairing, back rest, hard bags and trunk for sale. Negotiate with me...

black 1979 Special (Updated: 2013.11.5)
Purchased: 01-2002
Usage: 273,000 kilometers, Street/Sport.
Tires: duro's ! originally- ok till worn a bit. (2004)Spitfires now. 2010 fitted Avon roadriders. Haven't looked back
Owner: Errol Dobbs           Phone: (07)41262885
Email to Errol Dobbs
Location: Australia (Eastern) -- Childers QLD.
Experience: 30yrs+ Trail, MX, Road
Bikes Owned: 30+
Photo: Photo-Link
Accessories: Gearsack Rack & Bag Bosch twin electric horns (Police type) Twin driving lights fitted to caseguards- 2003 2013 - Changed to 60w Cree LED bar light, also fitted heated grips.
Modifications: S&W airsprings on rear. BMW R100/RT Fairing fitted 2004 - Great! Bmw panniers & topbox fitted 2005 50w 4300k HID headlight kit fitted 2010 Fantastic coverage! 2013 - S&W's died, now have GPZ1100 shocks on rear, Bimmer fairing swapped for Plexistar II screen. Same coverage but about 30kgs lighter. drilled discs, braided lines and sintered pads improved brakes out of sight!
Problems: Cracked left exhaust pipe from centrestand hitting it on severe bump on bend two-up on mountain road. Quick weld job and no more dramas. (I haven't hit that damn bump again either!) Fuse box looks a bit melted too but no shorts yet. Steering head bearings just replaced. bottom race was rusted due to water in headstem! That won't happen again. 2006 - changed wiring harness. No more electrical blues 2013 - fusebox changed to blade type. Refitted original instruments after making adapter loom to suit harness
Excellent all round bike. Can run all day with the newies. Only minor gripes are limited range and low gearing but I can live with that. Larger "E" model tank coming shortly. (2004) Tank arrived, just waiting for fuel taps which are different to the Special's. Big tank fitted. It's better than a Wing of similar age. Used as exclusive transport for 6 years. No problems. Fill with fuel. Check tyres & go! Simple as that. Bike has now run up 250,000 Klms under me in 10 years. No rebuilds as yet. Not smoking at all. Changed camchains whenever a bit rattly. Probably didn't really need to, but it's an easy job and cheap insurance.This is number 5. 2013 - 342,000 klms under its belt and still going strong. have sourced all bits required for rebuild as oil consumption is on the way up, though still not smokey. Love this bike!

black 79 xs 1100 sf (Updated: 2003.7.25)
Purchased: 9/4/01
Usage: 52,000 miles, Street/Sport.
Tires: bridgestone
Owner: rob wheeler           Phone: 323 667 1376
Email to rob wheeler
Location: USA (California) -- los angeles
Experience: 3 years
Bikes Owned: 2
Problems: none ever.
this things amazing... never quits. havent even had to adjust the valves yet.. unreal.

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