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TAG : An Italian specialist who works on the GS.
They made a nice special version with modern kevlar dress (fairing on Cr-Mo front sub-frame, seat, tail and Cr-Mo rear sub-frame) and they made a very nice rear arm (10cm longer but use the origine size shock) :

TAG's arm, besides being 100 mm longer than the standard one, allows wheels with larger tires (Michelin Desert in this case, size 140/90/18) to be mounted. This reduces the side displacement of the rear wheel towards the front one. Installing this type of tire, keeping the standard arm, should be necessary to slap the rear wheel to the left side about 14 mm; this aluminium swinging arm allows to slap the final drive canister to the right side 10 mm. The final result being the rear wheel is located to the left but only (14 - 10) 4 mm.
(extract of the "Marco Bosi's Motorcycle Dirt Page")

Technical caracteristics of Alberto E. Minetti's TAG GS :
  • 183 kg, wheelbase: 1530mm,
  • front disk 260mm with 4 caliper brake,
  • Uside-down fork (280mm range),
  • Öhlins shock with external oil reservoir (300 mm range),
  • modified BMW frame, with NiCrMo4 parts,
  • 56 liter tank (kevlar made as all the dress),
  • TAG aluminium rear arm,
  • 2 x 150 W lamps,
  • light exhaust.

TAG moto
Via Bergamo 19
24035 Curno (BG) - Italy
phone: *-39-35-618618, fax: *-39-35-461277

Marco Bosi's Rose des sables 2

Marco Bosi's "Rose des sables 2"

A very special GS

Talking about technics, You can see here pictures of "Rose des Sables 2", a special GS with TAG rear arm where Marco had mounted a rear disk brake on the monolever :
It took much time to do, but it works very well. It's a 320 mm front disk brake took from a street bike ; the single piston caliper and the pump are from an Husqvarna enduro; and much, much work. Maybe some more weight, but when you want to stop it.....

 right side view right side view detail
rear view left side view

Links to the "Marco Bosi's Motorcycle Dirt Page" with detailled description of the Special GS "Rose des sables 1".
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