carb cleaning tool

David Beard davidebeard at
Fri Apr 20 09:02:45 PDT 2007

No officer, really, it's not my needle, it's for my bike....  :-)

Dave B

J. Mason wrote:
> For getting cleaning fluids into tight places or just injecting fuel into a
> carb to start an engine (I have a 1975 Honda 250 XL that will only start
> this way when cold)I use syringes.  They are readily available at Pharmacies
> in size ranges from 1cc to 60 cc (2 oz water gun) and the needles from the
> dimension of a hair to a football pin.  A 5cc syringe with a needle costs
> about $0.15.  They don't last too many runs with hydrocarbon fluids but I
> usually dispose of them after a couple of uses.
> Jim

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