Jay Loeppke jloeppke at charter.net
Sun Aug 5 20:06:36 PDT 2007

Just got a look at them tonight, looks great, be interesting to try  
them and compare the ridding positions

Just got back from my first ever long road trip.  I did get a little  
tired of my riding position,  I have genmar risers on now.  Before  
you came up with these risers I was wishing I had something about an  
inch higher and inch back.  Also have a Corbon seat and found myself  
creeping forward at lower speeds.  I am only 5'9" and shorter arms .

Anyway, got a few observations/questions .   Our trip was about 2600M  
in 7 days, one 700M, couple of 500M days,  one about 300, couple of  
250s and one about 100.  We went from central Mn to Big Horns in Wy,  
down through them to Lander Wy, over to Jackson, up through  
Yellowstone and over Bear-tooth pass, to Billings Mt. then back to  
Mn.  Road most in 100 + degree heat,  couple afternoon rains and one  
drizzly day.   Do any of you guys have hand warmers on your bikes?   
Those rainy days I wasn't cold but but even wearing gloves my carpel  
tunnel and or leaning on the bars  would flair up so my first three  
fingers (thumb, index, middle) would go numb.  I was constantly  
putting my hands on the valve covers  to warm them and get the  
feeling back.  Any certain brand of warmers?  What type of switch do  
you use? Where do you mount a switch?

I've been watching the postings over the months and read the  
discussions on the front end wobbles and the bearings  that need to  
be replaced. I never had it until this trip, noted it during the trip  
particularly at lower speeds (light pressure on the grips). Had maybe  
50lbs max of gear on the back.  Didn't notice it at higher speeds.   
Got back home, took the gear off, took the bike out for a quick  
spin-- no wobble, no way could I get it to do it at any speed.  Took  
my daughter (110 lbs) for a ride, got a very "slight" wobble at only  
50 mph.  Have 37K on this bike with unknown history.  Time to replace  
the head set bearings?

How often to you put chain lube on during a trip like this?

Bike ran great, Concistant 50-53 mpg.  Handles nice on the highway at  
higher speeds, works the twistys well. I had a satellite  radio  
hooked up to my helmet phones and listened to my favorite tunes and  
talk shows.  Was a good week.
On Aug 4, 2007, at 8:51 PM, Dave Daniels wrote:

> Guys,
> Let me know how things go with your risers, and if they work out  
> for you. If it's a positive mod, I would appreciate it if you would  
> share your opinions with others. Who knows, maybe it'll drum up  
> more business ;-)   Thanks again for helping "me" get some for a  
> cheaper price. So far, I like them.
> Dave

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