Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Sun Aug 5 20:34:46 PDT 2007

Sounds like a great trip.

Looking forward to my risers arriving next week too.  When the Murph SS
brake line kit arrives later next week or the following I will get it all
bolted up.  That and fix the leaking left fork seal and I will be good for
the rest of the season..   

Trips like you just did, I carry a can of chain lube and treat the chain at
the end of each day.  Otherwise I do it about every 300km give or take
depending on conditions, i.e. rain, dust, etc.

Heated grips are great.  I just purchased the cheapo set from my local
dealer, approx. $25.  Foil heater elements with 2 settings (low /high) that
go under the grips.  Easy to mount. Put the switch in the left side panel
close to the instrument cluster.  Purchased a better weather rated switch
just because I thought I should.

Front end wobbles are one of those things that can have more than one
possibility and could be the result of multiple issues.
Start with the front tire, wear pattern, inflation, replace if worn, cupped,
Inspect the axle bearings, steering head bearings for clean movement, i.e.
no sticking, notches, grinding etc.
Check the "slack" in the steering head bearings, have someone press down on
the back of the bike while on the centre stand to lift the front wheel.
Grasp the forks at the axle and pull / push straight back and forward to
test for slop and tighten if loose.
Because of the symptoms showing up under load check the wear and inflation
of the rear tire as well as the settings on the rear shock.

Failing all this "easy stuff" you may have to disassemble the steering head
and inspect / replace / re-grease the bearings and torque to spec.

Good luck.. 
Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net

From: Jay Loeppke [mailto:jloeppke at charter.net] 

Subject: Re: risers

Just got a look at them tonight, looks great, be interesting to try them and
compare the ridding positions

Just got back from my first ever long road trip.  I did get a little tired
of my riding position,  I have genmar risers on now.  Before you came up
with these risers I was wishing I had something about an inch higher and
inch back.  Also have a Corbon seat and found myself creeping forward at
lower speeds.  I am only 5'9" and shorter arms .

Anyway, got a few observations/questions .   Our trip was about 2600M in 7
days, How often to you put chain lube on during a trip like this?

Do any of you guys have hand warmers on your bikes?   

I've been watching the postings over the months and read the discussions on
the front end wobbles and the bearings  that need to be replaced.

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