gvainfo af at genevainformation.ch
Sun Aug 5 22:07:11 PDT 2007

> numb.  I was constantly putting my hands on the valve covers  to warm
> them and get the feeling back.  Any certain brand of warmers?  What
> type of switch do you use? Where do you mount a switch?
Ah,, wonderful - hands on the engine, I can tell you the exact location
on my way to work where I start to do this - but only with the left ;)
I never dared to put handwarmers on, might be I should take the chance
of having my dad around this week..

> speed.  Took my daughter (110 lbs) for a ride, got a very "slight"
> wobble at only 50 mph.  Have 37K on this bike with unknown history. 
> Time to replace the head set bearings?
A good mech will tell you straight away. 37k _Miles_ is where I had mine

> How often to you put chain lube on during a trip like this?
If I do not forget the oil - everytime after taking gas ;)

Yesterday I went to Annecy with the family. There were two 500 GPZ and a
faster red one with (only) 52.000 kms on it, 1997 Model. Can't
understand why people leave those bikes in the garage.



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