Great Tire Source

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Wed Aug 8 20:33:27 PDT 2007

I can only speak to the Conti prices. A lot of my regular sources (Chap,
Dennis Kirk) didn't even carry the Road Attacks. I'll bet they'll price
match. How do you like the 021's?


Haven't ordered them yet, was just price shopping to see who had the best 
deal. I'll be ordering them in a  week or so for the GPZ. We'll see then how 
they are. I hope they last as long as the 020's did for me. I'll let you 
know when I get them.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! they're all out to get me!
The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9 

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