Cam Chain tensioner

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Jan 13 16:20:33 PST 2007

OK so I know some of you have fitted the manual cam chain tensioner, but why 
doesn't the stocker work? Is it because the spring is too weak or the teeth 
aren't sharp enough on the ratchet?
Has anyone tried shimming the spring with washers (or installing a stronger 
spring) or sharpening the ratchet teeth?
It's making quite a clatter when it's cold and the ear plugs just aren't 
cuttin it anymore. ;-)
Is the manual BS about removing the left cover to crank the crankshaft? Can 
you just blip the starter button (with kill switch off) to settle it without 
worrying about it jumping a tooth...
I'm on digest so CC me of list..

 Pete S 

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