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    Thanks Julian  -   you just may have saved me $40..
Got to be that the spring pressure is inadequate after the ratchet has 
already advanced so many clicks.. that's why I'm wondering if stuffing some 
washers (Shims for the techno geeks) would help.
 Thats provided not advancing is the problem, and it isn't the ratchet 
letting go..
   Strange thing is Honda had the same problem on the early V4's and had to 
redesign the tensioner...

  Pete S

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> I meant to chime in on this last week but forgot.
> On my bike, when it starts getting noisy (especially when cold), I'll 
> adjust the cam chain tensioner manually.
> The process is real simple.  Start by removing the center bolt, then the 
> two outer bolts.  Remove the tensioner body while being careful not to 
> advance it.  Count how many teeth are showing, then pull it out exactly 
> one tooth.
> Installation is reverse of disassembly.  I tend to do this about once 
> every year and a half to 2 years.  Last time I think it was 10 tooths out 
> :)
> PS.  The above instructions refer to the stock tensioner assembly.
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