carb problem?

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Thu Jul 19 14:22:56 PDT 2007

no apology needed, I sorta picked up on the syncronized motion,
but yes, It bugged me about the sound for this same reason.
now the she won't start. ahhhgg!
Robert Nelson <majordad at> wrote: I just bought the freeze out plus yesterday.  I am pretty sure they were

As far as your other issue, I do not know what your knowledge level of carbs
is so just ignore this if you already know it.  You say that the slides make
different sounds and their action could be smoother.  Each carb has a boot
on the slider and if they are not seated correctly when reassembled, instead
of the slide returned being a little slower as the airflow is restricted, it
will just snap right back because there is no restriction.  What this means
while the engine is running is that while each of the slides in the other
carbs rise and fall in time with the engine vacuum, the other carb slide
isn't moving at all.  In other words you are basically running on three

If you already knew that, I apologize for the email.  Hope this helps!

Bob Nelson

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OK, so I'm not the best mechanic, when it comes to carbs.
Bye-bye box. wow, what a pain and poor design. and the
reed valves, really are not like a PVC? I know we just talked about this but
whats a good wat to plug it?

So, I yank the suckers off, and found the pilots at 3 turns,
instead of 2 to 2.5 turn, no biggy. Idles great now. The slides
made different sounds from one another and could be smoother.
Diaphrams intact and everything basically very clean.
Still, any acceleration and she bogs to a stall.

So, I'm considering taking the known good carbs off of
bike 1, and test bike 2 even though, the test will not have
the air box and using the muzzy as opposed to the stock
one bike 1. 

I'm considering welding a handle to the darn tank at this point!
Think I should empty the tank first. J/K


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