Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Sun Jul 22 21:29:51 PDT 2007

So I'm watching a rerun (already!) of a new (FINALLY) episode of SuperBikes.
Rossi Moreale's out of the picture and it definitely sucks less.

Anyway, there's a segement on Black Bike Week from Myrtle Beach (the bikes
aren't black, the people are, whatever) and they show a sweep of the parking
lot and...  Wot the hell?  Did I just see a screamin' fast '95 GPZ???  TiVo,
baby!  Back it up... uh huh... that's right... back it up... WAIT!  RIGHT
THERE! Between the old Ninja - which looks mint with a red, white, blue
paint scheme - and the candy-apple red ZX-12 with a 3-spoke chrome wheel,
sat a mighty red GPZ with hmmm..  TiVo, baby!!  ...with a black tankbra,
clear front signals, maybe a throttle lock, fork guards and a tinted shield.

A little extra GPZ in my day today...  :-)


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