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Mon Jul 23 05:53:10 PDT 2007

I have a friend at work who does BBW at Myrtle every year and has 
been trying to get me to go for awhile now. From the pix he brings 
back it looks like a freaking wild time is to be had. I'm not into 
these big bike gatherings and have yet to go to one but Black Bike 
Week may be at the top of the list for me and I'm sure i won't be the 
only Russian/German American Jew there....................

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> Subject: SuperBikes!
> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:29:51 -0400
> So I'm watching a rerun (already!) of a new (FINALLY) episode of SuperBikes.
> Rossi Moreale's out of the picture and it definitely sucks less.
> Anyway, there's a segement on Black Bike Week from Myrtle Beach (the bikes
> aren't black, the people are, whatever) and they show a sweep of the parking
> lot and...  Wot the hell?  Did I just see a screamin' fast '95 GPZ???  TiVo,
> baby!  Back it up... uh huh... that's right... back it up... WAIT!  RIGHT
> THERE! Between the old Ninja - which looks mint with a red, white, blue
> paint scheme - and the candy-apple red ZX-12 with a 3-spoke chrome wheel,
> sat a mighty red GPZ with hmmm..  TiVo, baby!!  ...with a black tankbra,
> clear front signals, maybe a throttle lock, fork guards and a tinted shield.
> A little extra GPZ in my day today...  :-)
> -Rob


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