pain in the groin

Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Tue Jul 24 05:58:26 PDT 2007

Why no jeans?? What kind of motorcycle pants do you wear? Incidentally, I personally don't think the Russell seat is ugly. How much does that seat set you back?

Art Lischer <alisch80 at> wrote:  No problem with the boys getting numb. The stock seat went bye-bye as 
soon as I could afford a Russell Day-Long. Ugly seat butt butt burn 
(lol) is a thing of the past. I also wear cyclist shorts under MC 
specific riding pants for any ride over 1 hour. Definitely avoid jeans 
and standard underwear for long rides.

One problem I do have with some MCs is sometimes the seat to peg 
position causes my hip joints to cramp. My H2 does this sometimes. 
Fortunately the GPz doesn't.

Art in DM

Dave Daniels wrote:
> Ok, this post may make a few chuckle, but I have a real question. Does anybody else have trouble with your groin (aka your nuts) going numb on the stock seat over a period of a half hour or more? Seriously, this is a problem for me.

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