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Geeze, George... I hope that new bike's got a trailer!

Have a fun trip!  See you in Silverton...


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Only one week for me.

Next Friday head out to a rally in Panquitch Utah, then over to Moab,  
then western Colorado, then over Independence (if weather is good)  
Pass and on into Denver on Tuesday. Staying with family and then meet  
up with you guys at Charles's house bright and early for our  
departure on Thursday. Packing is a challenge: it's going to be wet,  
scolding hot, and freezing cold. Plus, I'll be camping at Panquitch,  
Moab and in Sedona on the way back to Los Angeles. So I'll look like  
two wheeled RV when I show up at Charles's. See you guys soon.


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> Gents,
> Only two more weeks until Durango 2007 (or Silverton if you
> prefer).   Our weather here yesterday and today reminded me
> to remind all who are attending to bring your weather gear.
> We had hurricane force winds here yesterday and today and
> heavy snow on the mountain passes.  While I'm not expecting
> that kind of weather, we may hit rain and some cool temps
> so bring your rain gear and a sweatshirt.  Silverton is at
> 9,500 ft and once the sun goes down it gets fairly cool at
> night to downright cold.  Be prepared, you were warned.  ;-)
> Charles S.

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