I'd rather be riding

Bill M. willm97 at znet.com
Sun Jun 10 22:43:20 PDT 2007

Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiasts

I haven't been riding too much lately, but when I did the bike just refused 
to idle properly.
Well it got so bad that the bike would just die at idle. It ran really great 

I figured that my lack of riding had let the gas clog up the passages in the 
idle circuit.
Based on others accounts I got some of this Seafoam stuff to hopefully clean 
them out.
Well, you can probably guess that since I am writing this it didn't work.

So I checked into cost of having someone other than me clean them. $300 
seemed way
more than reasonable. So right now I have on my bench what I hoped I would 
never see there-
all my carbs.

Prior to pulling them I drained the bowls into a jar. There were little 
silvery flakes in the gas.
I do have a filter in the line.
I pulled the top and bottom from one of the carbs and everything really 
looks pretty clean.
No sticky varnish like I expected. The vacuum diaphram looks OK. The pilot 
jet's tiny central
hole was a little dirty, but not plugged.

So here's the plan- I hope to not have to disassemble the whole assembly.
I am going to pull out the jets and diaphrams and blow carb cleaner through 
all of the passages
and make sure everything is clear. I think this will fix the problem.

Then the part I am dreading- putting the carbs back in. It was a royal pain 
getting them out.
Any advice before I start (and have to resort to saying bad words and 
stomping around)?
I'm most worried about getting the aircleaner boots back on properly.

SoCal Bill
95 not-so-fast at the moment GPZ 

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