Buzzing and shaking after getting off the GPz.

Paul Landry p_landry at
Wed Jun 27 21:53:33 PDT 2007

Question for the group..
I have been riding my GPz since 2000.  It has over 55,000 Km on the clock.  
Two seasons ago I was irritated by what I perceive to be an increase in the
buzz / vibration of the bike.  Feel it in the tank, handle bars and foot
I don't know if I am getting more sensitive or if it is getting worse.  It
is a high frequency buzz that is more noticeable as the revs climb but is
still a problem cruising around with the revs in the 3000 - 4500 range.
This is not something I have ever remembered from the past.  My last ride
which was short left my hands and feet tingling after I got of the bike.
What's up with that!??  Never used to be an issue and I ride for hours at a
time.  I have the stock counter weights on the stock handlebars (on GenMars)
with new foam rubber grips.  Same stock foot pegs with rubber top surface.
No engine mods except for the 4 degree ignition advance.
Last season I took the bike to the dealer for a tune up.  Had the carbs
synch'd, valves checked, etc..  Even had them check the torque on all the
engine mounts (no problem).
The mechanic was all a giggle about working on such a well maintained and
clean bike.  He said it was in terrific shape and had NO problems but would
need a new head gasket next time the valve cover came off.
The bike looks and runs GREAT!.  No other problems or concerns but I can not
put up with this numbing of my extremities, especially when it occurs on
such short rides.
Has anyone encountered anything similar?  Any suggestions as to what might
be the culprit, what to look at, etc.. 
Does this rig have some rubber isolation mounts on the motor that may have
hardened over time??
I am really hoping this is mechanical, that I can fix..  If it is
Thanks for any and all thoughts on this.
Paul W. Landry
p_landry at

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