old engine teardown

Mike Buehrle mbent at magma.ca
Sun May 6 17:41:10 PDT 2007

   An old dirt bike trick is to insert a piece of rope down the spark plug
   hole. This jams the piston from moving when you wrench on the sprocket.
   I'm sure this is not best practice or recommended in the manual but it has
   worked for me on numerous engines.
   Mike Buehrle
   On Sun May 6 0:26 , Dave Daniels sent:

     Well, I finally got around to digging into the old engine (you remember
     that  one.....the "'gunk" engine...) Got the head off, then got the
     cylinders off. Here's the surprise: the rod bearing on #4 is bad. Yeah,
     you read that right, #4. I thought it was supposed to be #3?? I can grab
     hold of the piston rod and just wiggle it around. So, for all you doubters
     and naysayers....yep it was a rod bearing. Now I have to figure out how to
     get the front sprocket off so I can get the cases split. The dang thing's
     in neutral too. Any ideas?
     Also, anybody in need of a head or cylinders? So you know, I've already
     sold the cams.

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