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Wed May 23 19:06:27 PDT 2007

I still have the auto adjuster - never had any issues with it. My timing chains getting a little rattly at 120k kms, but that's hardly surprising.

Re the pinging/lugging question - I concur with the others. Cruising with little load is fine at 3k rpm or slightly below, but for any reasonable acceleration the beastie needs to be revving higher than 4-4.5k. Pinging's much more likely in hot weather, too, although higher octane does help a little.

Synthetic oil, huh? Is that the signal to start another oil thread? (And I understand there's oil in tyres, so we could roll(!) into that thread next) :D

'95 GPz1100 - Blue, but quick enough..
Melbourne, Australia
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> Shifting? these things have gears? j/k
> I know most of you guys have chucked the auto timing chain thingy. 
> is the a procedure to manually help it out?
>   That's where I'm getting a little noise from and now
> some from the right side in the gear box.
> Probably the stupid synethtic oil I use...

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