wheel removal

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Wed May 23 19:54:13 PDT 2007

If I'm taking both wheels off.  I just put the bike on the center stand and
remove the rear wheel.  I usually use a car jack, with a piece of wood
between it and the exhaust under the front fairing. I have a motorcycle jack
but it is usually at the cottage when I need it at the house and vice versa.
Before lifting the front wheel I remove the brakes, the speedo and loosen
the axle. Once I have the weight of the bike on the jack I remove the axel.
Only jack the bike high enough so the tire can clear the front fender (mud
guard).  I know some of the guys tie the bike off to their rafters for extra
security.  Its not a bad idea.  I did this with one of my dirt bikes and was
fortunate I did as my wife and her sister hit it while stowing their kayaks
in the garage and knocked it off the jack.
Had a miserable day with, plumbing, electrical and phone service at the
cottage today--Murphy and his relatives were here in spades.  Fortunately a
friend called about 7:00 pm and wanted me to help drown some bait, so 3
hours of fishing and half a dozen pickerel later I was a happier camper.


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