Pinging and octane ratings

scapco at scapco at
Thu May 24 09:18:59 PDT 2007

My Ford Focus SVT is the same way.  It's got the variable 
cam timing engine and requires 91 minimum.  I used to put 
mid-grade in it and it was fine, but I swear they cheapened 
the gas up or something as I can't do that now or it 
clatters like a bunch of cans behind a newly wed's car.  
Add to that the fact the price differential between grades 
used to be .10 per gallon, but now it's .13 or.14 it's 
frustrating as heck.

Charles S.

Rob the VFR man wrote:
>The Civic Si requires 91 and will never consume a
>lower grade as long as I own it.  Kind of a bummer, but it 
>sure is fun to drive!  It's too bad that all you can buy @ 
>most places is 93 or 89 (or 87 of course).

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