Canadian Maritimes

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Yes to clarify it is the v-strom 650 the fellow rode and his main complaint was the seat but I'm sure that could be taken care of.
Not only does that bike perform , it looks great as well.
I've been watching for a salvage one(650/1000)but they are hard to find, probably their rugged body work keeps them from getting written off.

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I think that the DL650 is the perfect and logical choice for your mission, 
even if you're planning to sell it immediately afterwards.  I'm doing some 
LONG range planning for my next XC trip in 2009; a round trip from 
Pennsylvania to Alaska.  For that kind of distance and time on the road (~45 
days), I'm leaning towards the DL1000, but even still I'm considering the 
DL650.  I'm probably NOT going to sell it afterwards, as I everyone I know 
that has one absolutely loves them (650 & 1000 flavors).  In add'n to their 
on/off road qualities, they seem to be the epitome of the modern day 
"standard" motorcycle, with an upright and comfortable seating position and 
overall great ergonomics.

Good luck with your decision and subsequent hunt.

Bill in Yardley, PA
wkdenton at
'96 GPz1100

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Right now
> I'm thinking 650 V-Strom. Anyone have any other suggestions?
> Steve in Western NY

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