Idiot Season

Dave Spaulding spauldingd at
Tue Apr 15 09:06:51 PDT 2008

What irritates me is when they insist on riding on the road when there is a 
brand spanking new bicycle path right next to the highway.

I ride my bicycle as often as I can, but I absolutely hate to ride on the 
street.  With $3 gas and my attempts to drop some pounds this past year, I 
probably drive my car to work less than half the time.  I only live a couple 
miles from work and unless I think I can get out over luch, I rarely take 
the GPz, but my bicycle has become a nice substitute for the 2 miles of 
bicycle trails between my house and office (I rode it yesterday and today).

Dave in Des Moines

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> +1 Jeff. Roads are for MOTOR vehicles. This makes Harley's somewhat 
> borderline but at least you can make a case because of all the noise. 
> Seems most bicyclists want to be dead right. I don't care if I offended 
> anybody ;-P
> Steve

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