Idiot Season

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Tue Apr 15 19:17:37 PDT 2008

Hey guys did you read   "They can drive right down the middle of their  
lane if they are so foolish to do so. Though it would be to
their health benefit to ride to the side"  You all are right. The  
stupid ones ride out in the lane.  Mn. road book suggests that only  
two bicyclist ride side by side on the right hand side of the road.   
If a group ride  (peliton) take up a whole lane they are asking for  
trouble.  You are also correct in saying that riding(bike or  
bicyclist) or doing whatever, healthcare, etc. is  a privilege and not  
a right.  But please don't think all bicyclist as bad.  Cut the decent  
ones some slack on the road, politely try to educate the bad ones.  We  
both have what you could say is an identity problem.   I think the  
scooters are going to have a bigger problem do to there size and  
speed. Faster than  a bike but can't keep up with the flow of traffic  
in many areas and you get all kinds of inexperienced people riding  
On Apr 15, 2008, at 8:24 PM, dominatr37 wrote:

> <<First of all, I'm not an uneducated redneck. So the crux of your  
> argument is
> since a bicyclist has rights and pays taxes, they don't have to be
> responsible or courteous. Makes sense to me. That's the same BS you  
> hear
> from every bicyclist, they need a new line. Just like "loud pipes save
> lives" and "helmets cause neck injuries", you get tired of the  
> stupidity. A
> bicyclist has no right to obstruct traffic on their bike just like I  
> have no
> right to on my MC or in my truck. I can't drive down the middle of the
> interstate at 15mph because I got rights and pay taxes. This cannot be
> defended. If you're not one of those that ride in this manner, god  
> bless ya.
> If you are, learn something here. Anything that poses a threat to us  
> as
> motorcyclists is fair game for discussion here. Some bicyclists are  
> and need
> to learn some manners to go with their "rights".>>
> I'm with Steve and Charles on this one. While I have enjoyed  
> bicycling in the past, I knew to stay to the shoulder and not in  
> others ways. Paying taxes has nothing to do with riding a vehicle  
> that requires no registration and two feet to make it go somewhere.  
> Nothing wrong with riding a bicycle, but don't expect others to heed  
> to a bicyclists stupidity. Oh and its not a "right" to ride a  
> motorcycle or a bicycle, it's a "privilege". It's all well and good  
> to share the road we all ride on, but that requires some thought on  
> the part of the person operating the less powerful, unprotected  
> vehicle, in this case a bicycle. If you are blatently going to throw  
> yourself in anothers way with the stupid axiom of "He'll see me, he  
> has to stop."  Then don't be shocked when you are run down.
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