What was I thinking ...

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Jun 6 11:24:34 PDT 2008

Well those bars were all packaged up and I was going to mail them when I got 
your email that you didn't want them.  I sold both them and the bags Dexter 
Draper who came knocking on my back door.  I think he's going to get a hold 
of Bill Magitz for his exhaust system.
I've still got:
2 fuel tanks
Complete set of 4 Kevlar EBC front brake pads new in package
Venture Rear rack (bolts on to the bungee hook places )and will fit the Kawi 
OME bags.
A set of Frank Thomas Kevlar bags as new 9" wide x 12" x 12" (they made one 
trip to WV and back (2500 km) no rain (while the bags were on the bike). 
They were in my tent floating on my mattress while we were riding through 
the monsoons in WV.


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