LSL handle bar risers and handle bars

scapco at scapco at
Thu Jun 26 08:34:44 PDT 2008

When I originally got my LSL setup, it came with their bars 
which, like George, I also thought were too wide.  I 
swapped them out for the ZRX1100/1200 bars which have the 
bar end weight mounts and the switch gear locating holes 
already in them.  Cost aside ($75!!) the ZRX bars have been 
a perfect match for the LSL setup.  My .02.

Charles S.

>LSL still produces them.
>They also offer 3 different types of handle bars, low. 
>middle and high. At the moment I enjoy riding with the 
>hight one. The low one was smashed in the crash last 
>year ...
>The bar was a bit too wide for me, so I cut of about 2.5 
>cm on booth sides.
>For my second GPZ (the one in restoration) I also bought a 
>set.  If I remember correctly the bar was about 70 CHF and 
>the risers were
>some 360.- CHF.
>Pretty steep!
>George, Thun, Switzerland, at 31 C

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