While we're talking about spare parts...

Philip Hamm philbike20 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:11:30 PST 2008

Anybody happen to have a red front cowl that's not too badly scratched?  Mine has a real bad crack and I'd like to replace it.  I could also use some lightly used front brake pads if anyone has 'em.

The dent in the tank that I bought looks like it will be under the front fairing.  My local shop Fast Lane Cycles in Herndon, VA says if it's a California tank they'll just plug the extra vent hose, no problem.

While I'm on the subject...  Are there any other original owners left on the GPZ list?  

I bought my GPZ brand spanking new in September 1995.  One Tuesday afternoon I went in ready to write a check and pointed to the shiny new red bike on the showroom floor at Philadelphia Cycle Center (it had a tag that read "$7099 - list $7999").  I said "I want to buy that one today".  Imagine what the one salesman in the shop on a weekday in early fall thought.  He replied "Are you sure you want that one?  I have one in a crate in the back." with a big smile.

I've owned the bike ever since.  12 years and 73K miles later it still puts a smile on my face.  I just had major work done - new cams, plug mounts, clean carbs, etc. and the sucker's running GREAT!  (And I surely don't want rust flecks going into my clean carbs!)  The guys at the shop were impressed with how well it runs when they took it out for a test ride after the work in January.

-Phil Hamm
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