the '08 bug collection has started

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If you want a real winner.  About 22 years ago I was installing a GFI 
receptacle on the deck at my cottage.  The front of the deck is about 4 feet 
high.  I have my electrician's outfit on.  A pair of shorts/bathing 
suit--you know the ones with pockets to put screw drivers, pliers etc and 
the built in liner/underwear.  The kids were playing in the water down at 
the beach.  All of a sudden I hear my son screaming "my eye, my eye!" I 
leaped up ran across the deck and jumped.  My feet hit the ground followed a 
micro second later by my shorts complete with tools and underwear, neatly 
lassoing me.  I went the rest of the way down the path between the spruce 
trees on my elbows, knees, and MR. Sunshine, with my bare ass sticking in 
the air.  It is very painful extracting spruce needles from the top of Mr. 
Sunshine.  Got a good idea of what my dogs went through with me extracting 
porcupine quills from them.  My son had bumped the side of his head on a 
surf sailing board and was just fine.

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> Oh, I've had plenty of 'moments.' One of the best was when I couldn't
> seem to open the fuel cap door on my new car, no matter how hard or
> how many times I pulled up on the release tab by the driver's seat.
> Bitched and moaned and finally pried open the fuel door with a
> surveyor's stake (I was way out of gas and late for work). Totally
> destroyed my fuel door, fueled up, then noticed... "why is the trunk
> open".
> Took another look at the fuel door release... pull UP to pop the
> trunk, push DOWN to pop the fuel door.
> D'oh........
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>> I bet there is not one among you that can deny this if you've lived to be 
>> at
>> least 4.
>> Jim
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