Back on the Road

scapco at scapco at
Thu Nov 6 10:31:33 PST 2008

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on all the work, you did a hell of a lot of 
work on the bike, but it should pay off nicely.

The issue with the rear sprocket is normal.  I've run a 47 
tooth rear for years and the additional two tooth bigger 
rear vs stock does move the axle all the way way forward, 
even a little more so on a brand new chain.  I does not 
cause any problems at all.  You will find the bike will 
have a little bit quicker handling than stock, but with no 
real loss of high stability.  Since I ride in the mountains 
most of the time, the extra power is nice to have also.

Charles S.

>My blue Gpz has been off the road this past month due to 
>one job leading to another to another.
>Next up was a new xring chain 17t front and 47t rear 
>sprockets. All went well after I had worked out which way 
>the countershaft nut comes off. On reassembly I thought I 
>must have something wrong. The chain was 133 links
>and would need shortening to 112. Before hacking the chain 
>I pushed the rear wheel all the way forward as far as it 
>would go. When I linked the chain up it was only just in 
>the 35mm to 45mm slack limit at 35mm. It seem a bit
>to close for my liking but at the other end which would 
>require a further two links it would of had very little 
>adjustment left. 
>Anyone else encountered this when using a 47T rear 

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