I guess it's 32 km from the end for this year --but its been a great one!!!

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sat Nov 8 16:48:58 PST 2008

Its been a week and 2 days since I lied to you about it being the last 
ride --I ain't sorry I lied and I'm not apologizing.
 If you're feeling slighted well, I can give some of the advice my daughter 
puked out after her first year of University

 "You can kiss my ass --Not on the right side---not on the left side---

But in the groove baby, in the groove"

Maybe we shouldn't let them go to university.

I stole an extra 1800 km from Jack Frost or Old Man Winter this past week 
and we got a real bitch of an Old Man Winter here in Eastern Ontario. Jack 
Frost ain't a kind hearted soul either.
I had planned to get out Tuesday and was half dressed to go when I got a 
call from the bush --no not an Austrailian pudenda or Canadian split 
beaver - but a friend who called from a tree stand needing assistance 
getting a deer out of the bush. Between the deer hauling, skinning and more 
than 3 long necked MacClay's,  the planned ride was posponed.
My ride was posponed until Wednesday when I made a run south to Sydenham 
near Kingston.   Desert Lake Road out of Sydenham was pretty wicked.  The 
night fog had left any shaded area wet.  The kicker was the new or probably 
late spring aplication of rock chip and tar.  The over abundance of rock 
chip had been pushed to the outside of the road and the staights and mild 
corners were fine.  However the tight corners (20 km warning signs) were 
nasty.  The cars had cut the corners tigh and they tossed the loose crushed 
stone back across the curves making them almost "push your bike around" . 
The round trip was a little over 500 km and 7 hours.  I packed a lunch as 
the temperature got up the 20C (68F) and ate it beside canoe lake south west 
of Westport.
 I had a close brush with death at Venachar. A deer hunter in a red Dodge 
pickup didn't bother to look or stop when he came out of Tower Rd in front 
of me.  Fortunately the northeast corner had been a general store /gas 
station.  I veered right into the lot, down shifted hard and had to 
accelerate to and slide left to keep from hitting the old store.  I got back 
onto the shoulder then onto the road and was ahead of the dodge.
 I just gave him a Bronx salute and contiued on to Denbigh for gas. 
Understand I had a bike and a Swiss Army knife--he had a truck and  a 30-06 
or 308 rifle.  Discresion is the smarter part of valor.


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