POP goes the GPZ - good news!

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Sun Nov 16 16:27:59 PST 2008

Phil   Did you put a in line fuse on the relay? Both sides should be fused.. 
I'd check the resistance of the grips for a short..
   Are you sure it's not just a bad battery? These maintenence free 
batteries can short out the plates when hot and fail quickly (even though OK 
when cold). Kinda different to the sulphate build up on a conventional 
battery which is a gradual thing. I'd put a known good battery on and check 
the charging voltage.

  Pete S

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> Looks like it's an electrical gremlin.  The bike starts and runs fine on 
> an aux battery, but dies because my (new last year) battery is dead. 
> Seems like the culprit is most likely the Stator (possibly voltage 
> regulator or rectifier).  Hey, 13 years 78K miles on the original stator 
> isn't bad, right?  About 1000 miles ago or so I installed a relay for my 
> heated grips, because the accessory outlet on the GPZ is fused then wired 
> straight to the battery.  It seems either the relay itself or my 
> installation may be at fault.  Or the stator just gave up after 13 years. 
> That does happen, would the relay be causing a different kind of draw on 
> the electrical system?-Phil
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