POP goes the GPZ - good news!

Ped pedmail at dbmail.dk
Sun Nov 16 18:41:46 PST 2008


The stator or the rectifier or any other part of the generator for that 
matter are not known to cause problems on the GPZ. Batteries may. I've 
had two batteries that boiled up and died in just 20 minutes. Both 
Yuasa's. The last battery I had lasted only one year - also Yuasa. It 
got accidentally discharged completely while I was deployed to a tower 
far, far away and couldn't be brought back to life. Like Pete says, go 
get another battery, and once installed check the charging voltage. It 
should read 14.2 to 14.8 volts measured between the battery's + pole and 
a good, clean  frame contact with the engine running at 3000 rpm. If 
it's higher there is a power loss somewhere in the wiring harness. The 
generator will try to compensate for this by increasing its output, so 
it's NOT the rectifier that is faulty. Let me know if you read more than 
14.8 volts. I have a fix that works, but I'll have to look for it - it 
may be on my computer back home (I'm in Singapore currently).

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Philip Hamm skrev:
> Looks like it's an electrical gremlin.  The bike starts and runs fine on an aux battery, but dies because my (new last year) battery is dead.  Seems like the culprit is most likely the Stator (possibly voltage regulator or rectifier).  Hey, 13 years 78K miles on the original stator isn't bad, right?  About 1000 miles ago or so I installed a relay for my heated grips, because the accessory outlet on the GPZ is fused then wired straight to the battery.  It seems either the relay itself or my installation may be at fault.  Or the stator just gave up after 13 years.  That does happen, would the relay be causing a different kind of draw on the electrical system?-Phil
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